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What Game should I get next?


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I have a bit of a problem. :?

I want to expand my OCRemix library but I already have all the remixes from the games I know.

Here are the games I have already.

Zelda series

Mario series

Metroid series

Final Fantasy series

Sonic series

Kirby series

Donkey Kong series

Phantasy Star series


And a few games with one or two remixes.

My question to you is.

What game should I get the remixes for now? :?:

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In the old days when there used to be pictures of the title screens listed beside the remix, I would just browse through the title screens and pick some that look good.

The Ninja Gaiden remixes are great, as are the Great Giana Sisters, Cave Story and Grandia 2 A Deus ex Harpa.

Also check out the Guardian Legend and Xenogears remixes (Especially Xenosphere, and Babel: a Prison of Fate.)

The only games from this list that I've played are Ninja Gaiden and Guardian legend, but I found most songs by chance and actually played Guardian Legend to because of the remixes.

Just peruse the library and see what you find. Zombies Ate My Neighbours is also fun.

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Download the torrents and listen to everything in order. Don't miss out on great music because you don't know the game it came from.

but don't download anything pre-1000. there are good mixes in there, but as a whole they don't hold a candle to the stuff that's come out since then.the bar's been raised significantly since then, and it's obvious. most of those mixes would never pass nowadays.

if you want music from a certain game, try ones you've never heard of before. the remix of dune (which is an old one...oh well), arrakis wormsign, is excellent. bart klepka is the mixer.

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You definitely need to check out the Megaman and Megaman X series mixes, especially Megaman 3. Make sure to grab Disco Dan's "Blue Lightning" and Sixto and Steppo's "The Passing of the Blue Crown", both under 3. There is a ton of good music under all of those games.

Also check out Beatdrops's "Revolutions" from X3

I have to agree with the Xenogears, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger recommendations, and add Chrono Cross to that list. Also, there's not many remixes for it (last I checked) but Shadow of the Colossus has some amazing stuff.

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the remix of dune (which is an old one...oh well), arrakis wormsign, is excellent. bart klepka is the mixer.

Interestingly enough I have that one already.

Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

I do plan on getting all of the remixes eventually but I am currently limited by my internet connection. I only have a couple of gig a month so I'm getting it slowly.

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