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Radio ThaSauce Live -- Friday Nights @ 8 pm

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Bumping becuase there is a show tonight. A very special first year running anniversary event!

There will be special guests, and revelations of stuff more than likely. Big pimpin and all that.

Today, though, the show will be starting at 7 PM EST and probably going a little later to accommodate our guests. They have a reputation for sidetracking, so we need the extra time.

Come listen in and chat in IRC at #thasauce.


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Damn, that was quick! I was just going to start today on mine!

I saw this on Saturday, but didn't get the opportunity to listen to it till today. :nicework: ! Not quite how I would have done it, but interesting!

Is it still worth it for me to even try my own take? Or should I just continue working on my other track..?

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