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Sims 2 ReMix Project -- Living On The Computer


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a long and hard fought battle to finally get this finished, but we finally managed to wrap it up.

Track Listing:

Prophecy - High On Sim Life

Monobrow - A Busy Sim is a Happy Sim

Danimal Cannon - Dog Goes Moo

Dale North - Little Computer People

Mazedude - Dental Records

Mustin - Sharp Dressed Sim

F4T4L_3RR0R - SIMstem Malfunction

Ryan8bit & CygnosiC - Don't Fret

Evan Pattison - Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Jredd - Simpletons

Bonus Track: (consisting of piecing together numerous artists works into creating one huge mashup)

AmIEviL, Oceanfire, Leifo, Skrypnyk, Rellik, Lau, Fairlight, OCRE, insomnic, Protricity - Polygamy Is A Four Letter Word

Download Link :: http://f4t4l.thasauce.net/music/Living%20on%20the%20Computer%20-%20A%20Sims%202%20ReMix%20Project.rar

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Just beginning to listen to this now, but so far I am REALLY impressed with this. Great interpretation of the small amount of source material available. You can really hear the mixers exploring the space of the recordings to make a completely different product. I can really feel their inspiration.

I am eagerly looking forward to listening to this for the rest of the day. Nice work!

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Mar 31 21:44:43 <F4T4L> http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?p=524507

Mar 31 21:45:48 <superjoe> is this a secret?

Mar 31 21:46:06 <F4T4L> apparently not anymore since it's posted on the OCR forums. lol. it was for a while though

Mar 31 21:48:59 * superjoe listens

Mar 31 22:16:16 <superjoe> ha, I dig the ska song

Mar 31 22:29:25 <superjoe> dude.

Mar 31 22:30:36 <F4T4L> pwnt

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That last megacollab / mashup better be direct posted to the front page by the end of the day, or else I'll lose all faith in djpretzel.

I don't know, I think you really have to listen to the entire album from beginning to end in order to fully appreciate it.

LotC is just like Aaron Copeland's Appalachian Spring. The finale is pretty cool, but it's not until you've listened to the first 20 minutes that you're able to understand the full impact of the last 5 minutes.

The distinct variations of each remix in every varied genre takes you on a wonderful journey. How could one song work in so many different styles? Techno, country, jazz, salsa, college rock, it's all there. Once you've appreciated each one individually, you are able to grasp the collective synergy of the finale of the Sims 2 album.

EDIT: It's great to have Dale North back on OCR after all this time. I can tell his music has really improved since his older remixes.

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I really wanted to adhere to the high standards of the original with this one...

I'm kinda mad actually, wasn't there supposed to be a FRONT PAGE SPOTLIGHT for the release of this project? And now nothing is up and we aren't getting any of the publicity or exposure we were supposed to...

wtf djp?

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I wish I had the chance to finish "Boring Sim Piano" for the project but alas, between work and TF2, it's hard to find any time for remixing.

Edit: Is this actually not a joke project? How'd you get all these people?? And why did you release it on April Fools of all days?

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it is absolute fact that with our 10 powers combined that we actually do make up Rick Astley. It is not my job to educate people, only to entertain.



Good sir, you just made my day by giving me a mental image of Rick Astley as Captain Planet. Thank you.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Since when is there more than one "Prophecy" on OCR? The Prophecy I know doesn't sample games like this. Actually this song is a complete rip from the game and no less; There were only a couple of songs in the project I didn't recognize.


edit: just realized this was an april fool's day joke. Why isn't the thread deleted? I wouldn't want my name to be stuck to any tracks I didn't make.

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