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I have been on an odd music kick lately.

Atomic Dog

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Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World;


The Police - Everything She Does is Magic.

Over and over and over and over and over.

I'm humming (if not outright singing, and sometimes dancing to) them both all day at work. Most of the time I'm not even consciously aware of it. My friend Trish and I were having lunch today and I was drifting off into space and she smacked me on the shoulder and says, "Are you whistling Tears for Fears?" Had no idea I was even doing it.

I can't get either out of my head, and the only way it sates is to listen to them as loud as possible. I have no idea why this is happening, or if it's supposed to have any meaning. My (armchair psychologist) girlfriend keeps telling me that it's a deep-seeded inner conflict between my selfish personal desires for control that keep her at a distance (Tears for Fears) and my emotional connection to her and desire to really open myself up to her (The Police.) I keep telling her that it's because I'm secretly Ozymandias (a reference she actually got, before having seen the movie) and that the end of the latter song is just really catchy. She's not buying it, the latter half at least (though, she does keep asking, "Where are you right now?" when I close my eyes and zone out around 2:30 of Every Little Thing.)

And it gets worse when I drink. Like, obsessive worse (ie. I have to hear it otherwise I start getting fidgety.)

It's been like 9 days, and this hasn't subsided. They've been on perpetual repeat in my car. It's the first thing I turn on when I get home. And LOUD. Like, shaking the vents loud. My neighbors HAVE to be getting pissed by now.

All you music freaks and wanna-be shrinks, what do you make of it?

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The technical term for this is earworm.

That's got to be one of the coolest terms for that ever.

I guess all you can do is wait it out - I take it you like the music so listening to it a lot isn't really a bad thing. Eventually you'll get sick of it and be driven to listen to something else. It can take time, though, so be patient with it. I don't think it has any real psychological significance so don't worry about that.

Your still normal (or at least as normal as you can be).

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I always have something stuck in my head. It's usually like a 20-30 second blip of a song, but it can be just a word phrase too (those make me feel insane for the day).

Only thing that's ever worked for me is just loop something equally catchy for awhile. Sure it's still annoying as hell to have that new song stuck in your head now, but 9 days of Tears for Fears and The Police is enough.

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