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OCR01092 - Chrono Trigger "Electric Clouds"


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This remix oozes awesome. Not just the beat, not just the melodious tampering, but that violin at 1:20 is stunning.

Couldn't agree more. Sometimes, I just listen to that violin solo over and over. But then I remember that the rest of the song is awesome too. It's like... catchy elevator music or something. I dunno.

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Great feel to this one, and a really smooth way of representing a pretty classic theme. I'd almost prefer more violin, as those sections were my favorite, but the synth lead was nice too, and the little guitar bends were nice too- very good use of not-so-stellar samples. They are like a seasoning.

This is a really good way to do a remix, with a solid groove, and then pile on lots of excellent details, like the hard panned bells.

Great stuff! :D

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This is by far my favorite remix of the source! There is nothing wasted in this mix; The chord structures, and the simple yet extremely effective samples and synth sounds used, and then the violin which just took the song into a whole new realm (wish there was more). This mix also holds a bit of a special memory for me as well, because this was the first remix on OCR that I was exposed to that pretty much got me into OCR in the first place. Amazing work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01092 - Chrono Trigger "Electric Clouds"

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