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Zeal Vocal Mix ~ Need help!

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Corridors of Time Mix

This mix has been sitting on my computor for 2 years now...2 years!!! I really want to get this finished, and we need help to do it.

Nicole Adams approached me so very long ago in regards to my Vocal Triggers project, and provided me a rough sketch to record some vocals over. I mapped out everything and did all of my recordings, but now we're at an impasse.

Currently the background mix is 2 years old, and wasn't entirely meant to be a finished product anyways. I'm looking for someone who is willing to step up and give this a shot of getting the arrangement finished. Also, any constructive criticism, keeping in mind the age of all of this, would be appreciated.

There vocals are dry recordings, nothing has been done to them. Currently there are 18 seperate files for the vocals alone. Nicole is willing to help with producing the vocal processing, mixing, and mastering, but that needs to come after the background is finished. I finally really understand multi-tracking :P

Anyone around who's willing to lend a hand? Let me know in here, or PM me and hopefully I should be able to hook you up.

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Double post for good measure!

BPM = 128

Lyrics are as follows:

"This place I know, a simple reality

But what I know, only my mind believes

A butterfly that flies so high in the sky

What can I be only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away

Open your mind and see again.

Where we are, you're so far away from me

But bounderies are nothing within my dreams

I'll fly away on wings of mist and of spray

You'll soar with me only when dreams come true.

Close your eyes and dream that you're flying away

Open your wings and soar again.

So sleep now and I'll tell you where I am

Just let go of your fears

Take my hand and follow me

Higher than before."

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I think it's great. It really has a Mirror's Edge type of vibe to it. I could definitely take this and make it sound like a radio edit, if you would be interested in conceding the mixing and mastering duties to me. Just let me know. Just bounce down your wavs to something I can work with in Audition 3.0 :)

I think there's enough there to call this done.. with some tightening and studio magic, it'd be perfect.

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Hearing your stuff from the FFIV project (which was absolutely gorgeous), I'd say you should re-record the vocal track - there are a few tuning issues that I hear in there (your main vocal part has a tendency to go a little flat, while your doubling tends to go a touch sharp when it moves away from the main line), and I know you are perfectly capable of perfection :nicework:. Sure, adding some studio magic could help mask it a bit, but it would be ideal to record it perfectly.

Don't take my criticism the wrong way - if you were someone else, I would've said the vocal track was great, but we know your capable of even better stuff so I can't let you get away with it :-o.

Otherwise, beautiful track. I like the tightness of the accompanying track - it works well for a song like this. It needs a proper ending, but it's just about there. Great, great work - I look forward to an update (and I hope I help).

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My suggestions if you want to add or change stuff would be if you added some reverb, or echo, or hall-like effect or whatever to the vocals (and perhaps a little more kick to the kick drum, maybe). I think it is fine that the vocals are louder than the melody since it does carry it out quite well.

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I'd definitely like to hear this carried through to completion... It sounds good so far, and improvement in a few areas would take it up to a level of awesome really easily.

I have to agree with Gario on re-recording the vocals. It's a bit off in parts, and approaching it anew (particularly since you said it's been years) would be the best place to start for vocals. After that you can consider using auto-tune or to what extent. KF

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You know; I think that a second vocalist would really help out, perhaps for back up and occasional chorus help - especially one that has more range and finesse - no offence intended (I couldn't sing to save my life, so I know how hard it can be...lol...drunken karaoke for the win)

Anyways, compo wise I think this is actually pretty much done there Dragon =l, so I'm not sure what the gripe is there. Maybe you should run this through with one of the J's at #ocrwip or w/e.

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