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OCR00122 - Castlevania "Wicked Orchestra"


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although i'm quite new to this site, i've checked out some of scott's other mixes, i'd have to say this is one of my favorites and one of the first mixes i listened to when i first checked out the site, great work on this one, i really loved the orchestra strings, check out scott's goldeneye remix aka hacker, it's also a really good one too!

Peace and stay frosty!

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One of the first songs to ever go on my playlist from OCR, and to see it not get any love in over 3 years makes me sad. :-(

Excellent beats and layered percussion added to the perfect tempo combine with some decent orchestral samples to create something really compelling. Arrangement doesn't stray too far from the original, but even so, it's a really driving mix that is one of the really early gems of the site.

Excellent stuff.

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The original version of this song was apparently arranged on an MSX's hardware, though I first heard it on an NES. I originally arranged it for a Roland CM-32L, which is based on the MT-32's chipset. I subsequently updated it for a Roland SC-88 sound module, remapping the instruments to their SC-88 counterparts.While the sound quality of the SC-88 was obviously better than that of the MT-32, I didn't really rearrange the song but only remapped the instruments, including sound effects.

My point is that I created the MIDI file that this arrangement is based on. I recognized its specific rhythm, hitting each element exactly, as the version I rendered from the original NES. This (and my) version actually strays rhythmically (not the percussion, but the rhymth of the bass and melody) from the original, which was intentional.

For those who don't believe me please consult the only references left at the following sites (look for Kevin Fishburne):



When I first heard this (OCR) arrangement, I was so happy I couldn't believe it. It was the first time anyone has arranged my music (granted being scored by the Castlevania composer), but when I saw how happy it made others who commented I thought they should know it was based rather closely on my MIDI arrangement. As such I meant to post this a long time ago.

The original song started with howling wind and a thick, heavy church organ thundering chords. That faded predictably to a silence disturbed shortly by a male choral vocal leading in the drums. Following was a quiet harp fading in, doing a few simple notes that lead in the chord progression (earlier reflected by the organ's chords).

Next was the lead melody, bringing out the original frantic nature of the stage with the jumping monkeys/hunchbacks and the platform manipulation (with the castle in the background). I used a lead guitar instrument for the melody in the original for clarity and to separate tonically the old-school organ providing the harmony.

I'm glad everyone likes this song. I'm especially proud because it brings the power of old-school NES melodies to the semi-mainstream. A victory on all sides. ;) I just want to set the record straight.

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Conservative as the melody is, I have to give Scott some praise here. I personally enjoy ReMixes that seem to be in the "updated and refreshed" territory, where they add something (or several somethings) special to the source and make it sound fresh again. This is where this sounds to me. The darker tone, the fast paced percussion and the cymbal hits at the points where it is needed. This is one of those early mixes I will gladly file under hidden gem in my opinion.

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