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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days


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Pixar worlds in general would be pretty sweet. Also, give us 101 Dalmatians world, just for the chance to totally fuck up Cruella DeVille.


Also, I'm playing it right now. Or was... since my DS is now out of battery.

I hope you're ready to sit down for a one hour tutorial. And it's part of the story, too, so you can't skip it!

The game is indeed mission based, and even though most of the tutorial missions are kinda... caged in, after diving into my first real mission (and dying miserably multiple times), you'll feel the world really open up just like good ol' KH fare.

Using the X button by itself to navigate the menu sucks balls.

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yeah they were talking about hollow bastion aka radiant garden

all of the final fantasy characters are from hollow bastion/radiant garden


vivi, seifer and co., setzer(?) are from twilight town

tidus, wakka and selphie are from destiny islands

yeah, my memory fails me. i probably should have thought about that before i jumped to conclusions

though i think some FF or even preferably some more KH-exclusive worlds would help break the monotony of saving the same Disney worlds over and over (despite game-to-game differences)

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To be fair, the game did feel rather clunky at times.

The rest of the review's negative bullet points are invalid.

It takes place between KH1 and KH2, of course they'll be borrowing songs!

And too many angsty lines about hearts? Well... that's all preference, really. I didn't mind it much.

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I mind it heavily since the characters being all angsty are specifically described as incapable of feeling angst

"feeling" being the operative word here. Doesn't mean they can't put on an act or whatever, or bitch endlessly to garner up whatever sympathy they can.

Really though, the whole idea of an omniscient council of vagueness made up of nothing but sexy metrosexual guys (and one psycho-bitch) talking about hearts and kingdoms and shit and generally being really bad at following their own plans was an ill-conceived idea from the get-go.

Seriously. When your whole plan is, "Let Sora kill lots of Heartless and stay out of his way", you don't usually GET IN HIS WAY if you want to succeed. But oh well, there goes Xigbar, Xaldin, Demyx, etc etc etc...

Of course, they were just following Fearless Leader's orders, so maybe they're just too dumb to live.

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