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Mario is dead :(


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Oh my God, my childhood hero is dead.

I need to mourn over him for a while, give m-me some t-time... alone...


You know, when I taught GED math a little while back I had a student ask me if I knew what the Mario song was. I busted out the groove on the spot, which earned a very strange stare from the student. He was talking about some stupid gangster rap music that made reference to Mario banging the princess or some shit. The had no clue what 'Do the Mario' was all about - it made me feel a little old.

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I remember, even as a kid, hating the canned laughtrack, but learning of this bit of news saddens me. Michael Jackson's death was a bit more affecting than I initially realized and the AVGN made a great tribute vid that articulated better how I felt, but this - Capt. Lou Albano...

I think I watched every episode of that show. I don't even know why. I didn't really like it, but something kept drawing me back - heck, maybe I did like it - I just enjoyed watching the video game characters being brought to life by the human actors as well as the cartoons. It was just such a significant part of my childhood, I reckon, and I haven't even realized it until now with the death of the captain.

RIP Signor Mario...

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Very sad! :( I watched that show ALL THE TIME as a kid.

The live action sequences were like Sanford and Son meets the mushroom kingdom. It was great!

RIP Mario!

Also... I hate to admit it, but I lol'd at the game over music comment.

Such sad news to hear of Lou Albano passing away...

On a useless fact note, Danny Wells (aka the guy who played Luigi), was on Sanford and Son (and a couple of times if I'm not mistaken).

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Did it bother anyone else how old the Mario Brothers were on that show? I mean, I never really could figure out what an appropriate age for Mario and Luigi would be, but they seemed like they were over a decade older than one might expect.

Not that's a problem, I just wondered if anyone else thought that too.

That photoshop was horrible, btw.

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