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OverClocked After Dark - The Former Thread of Days of Yore


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Listened to most of episode 3.5, it kept me company while I was being an insomniac last night/this morn. Fun podcast and a great way to catch up on newly posted remixes. I thought it would be neat if you talked more about the tracks after you play them, or the artists who made the tracks. But your format of lighthearted chatter and often inappropriate humor works too ,)

Thanks for plugging Flickerfall and playing some diotrans, too. Palpable IS hot!

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Apparently, KyleJCrb got confused as to which podcast he actually is involved in and ended up being part of OCAD Episode 4 - "Invalid Disk: Abortion, Re-tile, PHAIL". This latest episode will be up whenever I damn well feel like it, but mostly as soon as I can catch my breath cause I was laughing way too hard the whole time.

In other news, Deven's working the website diligently, and just showed me the monstrosity that's supposed to be our logo. I honestly fell out of my chair seeing it:


Someone needs to make banners with whomever their favorite OCAD host is. SHOW YOUR PRIDE!

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To Mr. Psyduck,

I am writing in regards to address recent obsenities that were said about you and your likeness. I realize that I was wrong in saying this. I have been ordered by the Official Accuser Judge to issue this formal apology letter to you.

On November 28th, at approximently 10:02 PM, I stated that I thought that Psyduck was the stupidest Pokemon, and that I hated him. I now know that this statment is completly false. If you look at IQ charts, Psyduck is actually quite smart, with intelligence rivaling that of a small human, putting it into the IQ group of C. This means that the lower intelligence Pokemon of D and E are far worse off in smarts.

Psyducks can be very useful in battle too, as they can destroy whole villiages with thier psychic powers when provoked hard enough.

They taste great too.

In conclusion, I did not mean too offend, and am deeply sorry that Mr. Psyduck was hurt by my remarks.


David "Brushfire" Hubbard


Episode 5 is recorded!!

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