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OCR Secret Santa - And...Action!


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Man, my selectee sucks.

What do you get for the d00d who so obviously has it all.

Money, fame, girls, men.

Damn d00d.

You forgot looks, charm, and a daunting manhood.

oh i forgot to mention, sending me sharp objects is not at all appropriate. (not sarcasm)

Are you ACTUALLY a hemophiliac? I think I've asked you this before...:roll:

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I should also mention - it could be helpful to the people who have you to mention any particulars like t-shirt sizes, things you like/have, or other things like Hemo just mentioned.
I'm just going to copy and paste what I wrote on The Shizz, in case the poor sucker stuck sending me a gift has no idea what to send.
T-Shirts: Adult Large

Music: I'm open to anything, but if you want a pretty accurate picture of what I've been listening to lately, see here. http://www.last.fm/user/jeffreymr I also collect vinyl.

Games: I own a GBA (original model) with a flash cart, and a Dreamcast. I've also got a fairly capable laptop, so PC gaming isn't out of the question either.

TV/Movies: I like suspense, sci-fi, comedy, action... pretty much anything, really. I don't spend too much time watching TV, but I never miss Dexter or CSI. I don't have any blurays yet, but I'm getting a player VERY soon... so that avenue is completely open.

Hobbies: I'm a bit of a hobby photographer, so any photography / camera related is good. (I've got a Pentax K200D if that helps)

Other info: I'm going to be moving to a new place and possibly living completely on my own for the first time in my life in January, so anything that'll help out in that aspect would be nice.

I'll be more than happy with something completely out of left field, though, so feel free to ignore all of the above if you have something already in mind. Just trying to help anyone who might be stuck thinking of what to give.

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T-Shirts: Adult Medium

Music: Well, I like Rock, Hard Rock, Any kind of Metal, some Punk, and anything thats not Country or Rap. Not too picky about my music either.

Games: All I own is a PS1, PS2, Sega Genesis, and my PC for heavy gaming.

TV/Movies: Anything hilarious, Actiony, I like some anime, my main focus on my movie collection is badassery and comedy.

Hobbies: Hm. I like fun stuff that will entertain me for hours? Music equipment like my guitar and such, I like doing things outside, paintballing is a big one, and hunting, I also LOVE fishing. Bass fishing to be exact.

Other info: Like the person I stole this template from, I to may be moving out soon. Its on the rocks, nothing set in stone just yet. Getting a gift completely unrelated to any of this is fine by me. I'd be happy with almost anything.

- Halt

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