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OCR Secret Santa - And...Action!


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Just like Bahamut said, it was out of Sixto's own decision. It's already been said in the first post that you don't have to buy expensive gifts unless you want to. Sixto knows and many others know too...we've been struggling a lot on our first year of marriage...Of course, it's not just us struggling because millions in the world are due to the economy crisis...still, a lot of people like Audio Fidelity, Level99, Avaris, Mahaboo, and Arcana have given us things and money to help us out. It isn't just Sixto who is amazing, it's those who I listed as well who love to give and expect nothing. That is the meaning of Christmas.

Instead of complaining, you should be grateful you're apart of an amazing and giving community. =P

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The only thing I want from my Secret Santa is Ichigo Mashimaro Manga Vol 3 or 4, or both if Amazon.com happens to sell them for like $5.99 each in the used section or something.

Wish granted...Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa! (The site I ordered from wouldn't let me attach a message or anything to your packages..so this is the next best thing.)


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I am having fun trying to figure out a great gift to give, but I am finding it just as hard to come up with a list of stuff I would be happy to get! Hmmmm.

A subscription to Sound on Sound magazine (or any other good audio production zine)

Cool lights / toys / gadgets of any sort are always fun. Thinkgeek.com stuff, etc.

I don't need OCR swag (just ordered some) but other equally cool/nerdy/vgmusical Size L shirts, etc.

Anything music related that is useful or cool. I don't need a stylophone though.

DJ Lights

The only DVD/BluRay's I really buy are epic live Concert ones.

A "KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS, DAMMIT" decal for the back window of my car ;)

AirMiles/Aeroplan miles/whatever. FLIGHTS!

M-Audio Trigger Finger (decently cheap on ebay)

That should at least help! I'm just glad to be a part of it, so I'm not gonna be picky at all!

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Guess I should put some helpful info up here:

First off, lemme just say that I'm not too picky. If you feel like getting creative, go for it. I'm easy to please.

-Shirt size: Adult Medium/Large

-I'll second (or third or fourth) the thinkgeek.com category of 'toys.'

-DVDs (anything you think is good, my library is rather small), no Blueray

-Books (Fantasy, Sci-fi, historical fiction, whatever, particularly the newest Wheel of Time by Brandon Sanderson, 'Gathering Clouds/Storm' or something

-Games - I've got a DS, a PSP, and a PS2. My library is...eclectic, so this might not be a good option.

-Whatever. Seriously, if you see something and you think 'o cool,' I'll probably get a kick out of it. Don't worry about a big price tag, spend what you feel like spending.

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Just got home from the post office. :D

Just a warning: I had to declare the package contents for customs purposes, so not only will the person who gets it know who it's from, but what's inside the envelope before the envelope is even opened.

To [NAME REMOVED, I've gotta attempt to keep this somewhat of a suprise!], I hope you enjoy your gift!

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Whenever we played secret santa around here, it was always based more on the mystery of the box's contents rather than who was gifting it. If you pick a large box thinking you're getting something truly epic, you would end up with something pretty funny... like a popcorn maker... Which I guess that could be pretty epic depending on the person. :x

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So amusingly, I got a card from Jade & Jordan a day before a package came in. Thanks for the peppermint pig! It looks tempting to eat, although I will probably wait until the end of the year so I don't eat it all myself. I found it interesting that they are only made in Saratoga Springs - just another taste of NY that I was completely unaware of.

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