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OCR Secret Santa - And...Action!


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So I saw this at The Shizz, and thought it would be a cool idea - would anyone join in for one?

So I think I'm going to keep some fairly loose rules here - I'll be the central point of contact. Anyone who's interested should send me a PM on the forums with their name and address. To allow for enough time for people to think of a present and to ship and such, I will set a deadline of next week for people jumping in, 11:59 pm EST of Nov. 24. Shortly after I will send PMs to everyone with who they've drawn up with the gift to buy them.

Even if you dislike the person you've drawn, I want none of that to affect a willingness to buy a present for this - this is for the joy of doing something nice for someone else, which makes it even better if it's someone you happen to dislike for whatever reason. There should be no hatred in this process, and if you feel you cannot abide by that, please don't volunteer for this in the first place.

The expense of the present is at the gift-giver's discretion, and I'd like to request that there be none given in bad spirit (like an actual lump of coal). If you feel like you can't spend more than like $5-10 that is fine - this is for the spirit of gift-giving and good will. Maybe enclose a letter with your gift or something like that - you don't have to spend much money (i.e. $50+) to give a good gift! But with this, please don't necessarily expect effusive praise over giving an expensive gift for example - they're nice of course, but remember, this is more about the act itself than about the money spending and any recognition for it.

And lastly, for those who don't know what Secret Santas are like - they are generally run somewhat like this, and the gifts are usually given anonymously, although you can choose to reveal to the recipient of your gift through the reception of the present if you so wish.

In for the fun



Meteo Xavier

Bardic Knowledge




JaDe ARaN HaRuNo



Level 99

Nekofrog & Ashamee






Audio Fidelity





The Biznut


P.S. Please don't deadbeat and skip out on sending a present if you're in on this - I'll take a note of it so that next time something like this happens, people know. This is a commitment of sorts, even though it's a fun one.

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Now, i've been a part of secret santas before, but nothing like this...i don't know any of you and only have vague ideas about who you are from posts (if any at all). Maybe we should all answer a couple questions about ourselves to help our potential secret santa know what to get us.



Honestly it could be whatever there though. Does this sound at all appealing to people participating?

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A man of ninety-nine levels can not say no to this, considering Brushfire would probably punt me at the non-denominational holiday meal if I skimped out. I haven't done secret santa since I was at GameStop, and if it weren't for that, I'd never have read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Sign me up, I'll PM info in a bit.

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