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ReMixes that sooth the mind

Arek the Absolute

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I never heard their albums but I found this online in search of Chrono Trigger music. I later learned about them and became aware of their several projects, or whatever.

well i thought you guy knew. you can buy the oneups EP from bandcamp.com or the itunes store. well back to the topic

Night In The White ~Iceberg Stage~ (Chill Penguin Stage) from the Rockman X Arranged Album Alph-Lyla With Toshiaki Ohtsubo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3VtzPpeaNE

Street Fighter 2 Wrestling with Double Bass OC ReMix

Heat Vision from DarkeSword

Rove You Rong Time (China) from Super Dodge Ball - No Balls, No Glory

Nocturne by Tim Sheehy or Kaijin (Who ever you wanna to call him) from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Resurrection :)!!

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Now that is nice.

Edit: also thanks posting those two in this thread. I had somehow missed your non-ocr remixes until now, and enjoying those two caused me to check out what else was on your homepage. Very glad I made the trip.

Psssst change your homepage link on your remixer page! It's dead.

Thanks for the kind words, K.B. :)

I sent LT an update quite some time ago, but it might have gotten lost. I'll send it again and hope for the best.

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