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Walt Disney is a psychopath.


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Reminds me of an old Disney comic I seen a while back where Donald Duck and Goofy are fishing off of a pier. While Goofy is minding his business, Donald is seen with an anchor and wrapping the rope on the anchor on Goofy's leg. Donald drops the anchor off of the pier and Goofy is drag into the deep ocean. Goofy has an evil smile on his face.

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The issues mentioned in the list TheHands provided above can all be explained by one thing: these weren't films for kids.

No, seriously, these were movies for adults that kids could come along to. The freaky acid trip stuff was a staple for films (watch some earlier films with dream sequences), and the other stuff was just par for the course in Hollywood.

I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that Bambi is pro-hunting. In fact, I think it's a LOT of a stretch. That is stretching on the level of Goatse. There's hunting in the movie, yes, but considering the whole story is told from the perspective of the cute little talking animals, and humans are made out to be shadowy, inscrutable horrors, I wouldn't really call that an advocation. Audiences were not yelling "HELL YES HUNTING" when Bambi's mother got shot.

Granted, I suppose you could argue that being portrayed as fear and death incarnate is pretty awesome.

Guess my sarcasm wasn't thick enough. Most of the points I made were in jest. Some have merit, most are just absurdities.

I'm not surprised that there are scholarly articles written about Disney films, especially with such numbers. It's something that all people can in some way or another relate to, and the writing for the majority of them is above the average animated film. More importantly, many of them take twists on major archetypes that haven't been taken by a mainstream media source in the same way. Ultimately, Bambi is a coming of age story. Same is true for most of the Disney Animated Classics, including (from the list above) Jungle Book, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and The Sword in the Stone. Others take slightly warped spins on other major literary types as well, but I've been on a kick for the coming of age narratives lately. They only grow in number after Walt died.

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Come on, Archaon. Like anyone's going to believe you didn't write this.

<QUOTE=Archaon;628521>Then I recalled the forest scene. You know, after the hunter decides that cutting a little girl's goddamned heart out</QUOTE>

<QUOTE=Article>Aside from the part where the Huntsman is looming over a defenseless teenage girl, ready to cut her heart out and put it in a freaking box</QUOTE>

(Quotes intentionally broken to preserve italic formatting)

I remember the Pink Elephants scene very well from when I saw that movie as a kid. But not because it scared me. I thought the song was fun and the pink soapy elephants were funny to watch. I had no idea about alcohol or hallucinogenics at all back then, so I just thought it was Dumbo being silly.

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I musta missed this discussion. What would you do with Pokemon?

What are you talking about? I made a thread about it. You were the last one to post in it.

Come on, Geoff.

Also, why aren't you running the I, Mario project? You've got the right mindset for it.

I wasn't aware that was a "project" so much as perpetual brainstorming punctuated by the occasional piece of cool art.

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