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Mario & Sonic Snowboard Contest from OCR & SEGA Europe!


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OCR & SEGA Europe are throwing a contest to have 1 lucky fan win an official Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games snowboard. Check it out NOW!


SEGA will announce the contest soon on their side, but right now you guys get the heads up first. The contest is open to ANYWHERE in the world, so be sure to enter before the end of Monday, January 18th!

The instructions are really easy, so have fun with it, good luck, and be sure to share!


A winner is you!


1. Email us (competitions@ocremix.org) with the following info:

* Your name

* Your YouTube account name, AND

* The name & description of a cool made-up snowboarding trick!

Trick Examples!

"IceCap Dash" - Sonic does a 360 rotation while spin dashing on the board!

"Space Harrier" - Hang in the air for more than 5 seconds, with a rocket pack attached to your back!

"pixietricks" - Sonic gets some air and jumps off the board, while Amy Rose jumps and lands on the board in mid-air! <3

You don't need to be this literal. Be creative & cool and have fun with it! Your snowboarding trick idea can be Mario & Sonic-based, Olympic Games-based, OC ReMix-based, it can be ANYTHING! The coolest snowboarding trick sent in will win!

2. You ALSO must be subscribed to the OC ReMix YouTube channel. YouTube is how we'll contact you if you win! Click http://tr.im/yOCR to subscribe!


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So, is this OCR sponsored . Will others see the OCR name? or is this kind of like the Konami`s contest where Beat Drop got a song in to DDR.

Go to the contest site. This is sponsored by both us and SEGA Europe, and SEGA's generously offered up the prize. We're not just telling you about A contest, this is OUR contest. Go for the win. :-)

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YouTube announcement!

The lucky winner: Joachim "Torzelan" Sandberg (of Sweden)!



  • Ski Free
    Sonic performs a spectacular spin attack in mid-air, cutting the snowboard in half - turning it into a pair of skis!


  • Nukem Forever
    Sonic sits around at the bottom of the slope telling everybody how awesome this trick is going to be when he finally does it
  • Overclocholy
    Since there are so many OVERclocked Remixes that take an OVERly melancholic RPG ballad and make it even sadder, this trick way, way, OVERdoes the "Melancholy" snowboard trick. A woman hums in the distance. Dead leaves are falling off the trees. You throw away your sword and grab your board to bring its nose forward and up. The video game decals you then see on the front of your board remind you of all your past adventures, and you have a memory flashback that relives all those emo endings. Since you're a macho snowboarder now with no feelings, you yearn to cry for those days gone by but can't. Then the board comes back down and you regain your self control, boarding into the orange sunset like an unsung hero. It then snows.
  • Brothers from Different Mothers
    In mid air Knuckles drops his board and is caught in mid air by Tails (ala Sonic 2) who perform a series or aerial tricks (spins and flips). A successful landing means Tails drops Knuckles on his board, a bad landing means the two miss the board and wipe out in the snow.
  • With a Side of Wing Cap
    Mario is on his board, and as he is gaining speed, he does a triple jump. As he reaches the top of his 3rd jump, he does a few front flips while he puts on his special wing cap (as seen in Super Mario 64). He holds on to his board as he flies and continues to complete flips and 360's. He then makes a solid landing with his board as the wing cap power wears off.
  • Have-A-Rotten-Day 360
    Wario does a 360 rotation while letting out a loud, stinking fart that will make anyone in his vincinity dizzy.


  • Cleveland Rock
    Sonic attempts a front flip but fails miserably and crashes on his face. Other characters point and laugh, at which point sonic grumbles and complains while walking off into the distance, with people pointing and laughing at him the whole way.
  • The Egg-Whip
    If alongside another competitor whilst in mid air, Dr. Eggman steals his opponent's board and turns his now pair of boards into skis.
  • MARIO Disruptor!
    Mario does a huge arching backflip, kicking the snowboard out from underneath and sending it flying like a boomerang toward nearby rivals and knocking them over or interrupting their trick midair! After striking its target, the snowboard returns to Mario's feet right as he completes the high arching backflip. Make sure you have enough air to perform this trick though! If you land without a board on your feet, Mario will crash for sure! It's a risky trick, but the reward is great!
  • Propeller Suit Propeller
    The board appears to spin wildly out of control from underneath Mario, as he begins to imitate jumping from platform to platform in mid-air. Each time he "lands" a jump, the board happens to be in a position underneath his feet. In the final jump, rather than the board position itself underneath Mario, it appears to land on his head. It acts as the Propeller Suit from New Super Mario Brothers, pulling Mario to an incredible height then spinning back underneath his feet to allow the player to take advantage of this massive air.
  • Retro-Mayhem
    The trick starts out when you reach a certain speed and height, then launch the trick in mid-air.
    A hole will be made where you fall, when you land you will be in an 8-bit retro version of the slope, along with 8-bit versions of all the other players.
    You will be the only one that is not retro, allowing you to move faster due to their frame-rate. xD OC ReMix music will play also while you are there, music depending on the character. You will then warp out of the hole and keep sledding on, but in the lead!
    This trick only last for around 5 seconds, but is a really cool thing to see.
  • Solar Flare
    The trick starts off with Sonic hitting a jump and getting some intense air time. He then starts to do his Dash Spin and gains momentum. He starts spinning so fast that he creates his own little gravitational orbit and his board starts spinning around him. Then the camera pans to the ground where Mario and Luigi are waiting for the right time. They start throwing fireballs at Sonic when they see the board orbiting. The Fireballs get caught in the force and start to form together, creating a fire shield that engulfs the board. Sonic then slows his spin and hooks back into the now flaming board while pulling of a 1080 Tail grab. When he lands, the snow puts out the fire as Tails flies by and gives Sonic a high five.
  • The Koopa Karry
    Bowser gets his minions to carry the snowboard for him while he relaxes.
  • The No Vote
    Hit a tree, call it a trick, and throw insults at the judges.
  • Wa-Hoo!
    Mario hits a ramp to gain air, grabs the board and flies through the sky, Super Mario Galaxy style, before landing with style.
  • Wario War
    After getting good air, and doing any other move (this move being a follow up) Wario lands creating a shockwave and turning himself into a snowball hurtling downwards at high speed- knocking over any in his path
  • The Banana Bunch
    Donkey Kong claps in the air, causing the Kong family [Diddy, Dixie, Chunky and Funky] to turn up and create a pyramid formation on the board, retaining the pose when going off a slope or ramp.
  • Shell Flip'n'Spin
    Mario has to be Shell Mario (New Super Mario Bros.'s Blue Koopa Troopa Shell item) and a snowboard. He does flips all the way down until 9/10 to the end. Then he jumps off his snowboard and spins on his shell side down. Finally, he flips rightside up to land on his snowboard to finish.

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