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OCR Meetup: Las Vegas, August 2010: **PICS PAGE 43-44**


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Ok and? Let me lay it out - so you decide it's the best thing ever to go ahead and stir stuff up with a tirade with something you really can't draw that conclusion from just because you don't like her thread title and her saying stuff, even though she said absolutely nothing wrong in the thread itself until you spouted out with that post, and then just because you didn't like her thread posting time?

Sorry, but your reaction was most certainly not justified there.

You can keep denying your pivotal role in how you acted, or you can man up and stop stirring drama. What are you about? Yourself or everyone else here? Seems like you're more interested in demonizing her than you are in keeping this friendly/drama-free. Do you deny this?

If you really want to say something to her about how she acted - PM her directly/talk it over with her. But by going on the attack here first without even giving her an opportunity to fix it up or whatever is disgusting, and there's no excuse.

I think the mere fact that I was perfectly willing to put everything behind us and offered to do so -- and to be told to "shut up" and be "uninvited" from the meetup shows how right I was.

You see it as a "tirade". You're blatantly ignoring all the facts that lead up to this entire tiff to keep your position and not compromise in any way. Whatever, dude. I've said what I have to say, and from now on I'm not going to comment unless it's in regards to actual plans and ideas for the event in question.

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I'm not looking to get involved in any of this threadfighting, but I do want to say a few things, especially considering it's partly my birthday that's bringing this together in the first place:

1) people should be allowed to do what they want. There looks to be a LOT of people possibly coming, and the more people that come, the more varied the desires of activities. I know I'm going to spend a good bit of time with bLiNd and Jade, since it's also Jordan's birthday and this was all planned around that. But I also had the idea in mind to do some of the more adult things. Regardless, people should be free to do or not do what they please.

2) I can't take too long off of work so I'm going to be cramming a lot into those dates. Since there are so many birthdays going on around the same time, it might just be easier for all the relative August birthdays attending to say EVERY DAY IS MY BIRTHDAY just for sake of convenience :tomatoface:

3) My rooming plan will be to stay with bLiNd and Jade about half the time, and at a hotel where other people are staying the other half for the "authentic Vegas treatment" and such.

Whoever wants to go around the time I'm going, feel free to do so. However, don't be offended if at any time I jump between crowds of people. As I said before, there will be lots to do with lots of people wanting to do it, so I'll be moving between them a bit. There should be a general schedule of popular shows and attractions in the OP for people who want to do that stuff, and also the selection of things to go on outside of the strip and whatever.

ALSO! There's the discussion of pushing the dates closer a week. I would be okay with this as long as bLiNd and Jade's hospitality would accomodate. This would make it so more people could come and not interfere with school. So my choice of dates for ME to go are as follows:

August 7th - 11th/12th

August 14th - 18th/19th

Let me know what others think and we'll go from there.

And now, for a bit of Jewish guilt: don't make me regret my birthday out in Vegas, folks :puppyeyes:

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August 7th - 11th/12th

I'd be more for a variable on this, because honestly, a lot of people will be having school start in mid-late August, something I completely forgot about but have been complained to about since then yesterday.

This would probably also make the Mexico thing more feasible for others too.

In general, most people who don't want to pay an arm and a leg will want to probably come that Sunday and check out later than Stevo's stay ending, so if we did do that, I would guess that the 8th or 9th would probably be the best for the party? (that Sunday or Monday?) and then that will give Blind and Jade plenty of time that weekend to hang with people they want to hang with, and the rest of the people will have the rest of the week to have a hotel for cheap. In otherwords, more like two overlapping meetups.

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I'm personally planning for August 12 - 19. August 7-11th is a bad time for me stress-wise with traveling because it's too close to Otakon if I'm going to that (especially if I want to stay in the Baltimore area for a few days to visit friends/my brother, etc.), and any later would compromise me with the pre-semester TA meetings that go on the Friday before the semester starts (August 23-24), which I absolutely cannot miss a day of. There may be a remote possibility that I can get an RAship for the summer and the professor will let me work around taking 3 consecutive weeks off so I can do things earlier (would save me the cost of a one way flight), but I cannot guarantee things will work out that way.

Just laying it out there, but I really like the August 12- 19 set of dates or anywhere in between more than beforehand.

About school schedules - there may potentially be a conflict for a few, but most schools start the week my school starts or after. Very few start the middle week of August.

Edit: Eh, I guess I can make the 7 - 12 work, maybe longer than that. I'll plan exactly what dates I'll be a little later when I talk with a friend and my brother (both in Baltimore).

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Ok Katie and I talked. Glad we did too.

Let's all have a group hug and make this thing positive. I am sorry in my behalf if I upset or offended anyone. I'm not against doing whatever you want, I didn't say if you did I wouldn't be your friend again. =P I was never against the idea of whatever you want to do, I was just stating some people, Jordan and I wouldn't want to do certain things....I thought this thread was open about giving out opinions of what we'd like to do - my intention was not to judge you, just inform you. I felt the meet-up was turning into only adult activities and I felt really uncomfortable with that. Vegas has a lot of OTHER kind of activities. Excuse me if I seem bitter about the "Vegas scene", it's just totally not my style. It's kool if it is yours though. I don't want to be responsible for taking that experience away from you. I'm fine with people staying in hotels and doing their own thing while hanging out with us on the side too.

I know just because I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feeling doesn't justify the point that I actually did hurt feelings so again I apologize. I just really want us to all have fun together too and keep this an OCR community meet-up. In Magfest, everyone does their own thing and hangs out with a certain crowd. We learned that when we went to 7. Please don't call this a JADEFest because that's not what it really is. Arcana messed up when he called it that... but now it's just a joke. Don't take it literal. lol I'm totally a fun and sweet person so please don't take my text negative in any shape or way. I don't wanna argue about something amazing. I know most of us want this to happen like NEXT WEEKEND, but great things happen to those who wait.

On a lighter note, there's a lot of fun things like POLE POSITION - http://www.polepositionraceway.com/vegas/ or what about INDOOR SKYDIVING?! Or just to be on the LOVE & PEACE (like Vash the Stampede from Trigun anime series) side, why don't we just go to a show like Zumanity, Fantasy or Peepshow to enjoy LOVE, SEX, NUDITY, HUMOR together? lol Katie actually mentioned she got free tickets to Zumanity last year because of a timeshare tour. We should suffer through this together as well and get free shit. haha

Anyway, I love you all even if you don't love me. OCR is awesome and we deserve to all hang out and have a wonderful effing time. :wink:

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I'd avoid Timeshare - I met someone in the past year who did that except went on an all-expense paid cruise, and when it came down to getting the shares, he wasn't interested. Then they started getting aggressive, shutting the door and starting to say stuff like "Look, we paid for this great trip on a cruise, we can't let you leave this room without buying some shares" or something like that, and they were implying that they might've done something if his wife and him kept refusing.

Anyway, for shows, we should be able to get group tickets. For 12+ people, there are group discounts for the ~$80 and ~$100 ticket brackets of 15% (minus the live entertainment tax).

I personally would love to see all of the Cirque du Soleil shows, but I know it'd probably be too pricey for everyone to do. I certainly would love to see multiple though if possible.

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Awesome, I want to thanks Jade for that, and I'm sorry for misinterpreting anything and for any miscommunication I gave. I really just want everyone to have a great time. Jade and Ari and I are going to be trying to make this an awesome time, with no more drama and bad stuff. Let's clear the air now! Like I said before, it's all text, and so much drama can come out of text!

About time shares: Ari and I did the time share thing last year and got over 100 dollars worth of free stuff last year out of it. They changed some time share laws too, they are only allowed to keep you about 2 hours and they can't be pushy like they used to be. You just sit there, eating soda and chips and they act overly happy about them. Then you just tell them no for about an hour and they send you off with prizes.

Maybe there are some horror stories, but I think things have changed recently in regards to what they are allowed to do.

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