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The Damned

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I'm pretty sure "3 evolutions" refers to 3 bulletpoint innovative 'features' they talk about in the original Japanese article. Not sure of the specifics. If it turns out to be another evolution step, I think it's a bad idea.

More BRANCH evolutions (a la Politoed) plz!

The thing Dunther quoted mentions new monster evolutions.

Although maybe the place he quoted from translated it wrong.

Branch evolutions are useless to me.


Because I have to trade for most if not all of them, and often there is some dumb hard to find once only but used for multiple evolutions item included.

Edit: I am a little sad that people are automatically jumping to the conclusion that there will be a good/light type added in some other places. Mainly because white traditionally symbolizes death in Asian culture. So seeing black and white and jumping to the conclusion that it's good/evil it a bit of a stretch to me. (Granted the makers could be influenced by western color association I dunno) *shrug*

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I always dreamed to have a more personal interaction with your Pokémons, something that can make them different in both appearance and stats (and moves maybe), in a "good" or "bad" way.

I personally really liked the idea of a "Dark Dragonite" for example. In the trading card game there is something like that...

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New trailer! It's about time we have dynamic camera angles! ^_^ I suppose the Distortion World of Platinum served as a test for that.

Also, upon reading the Pokémon Adventures manga, I realized there has been a Ground-type gym. Yes, Viridian Gym in R/B/Y was Ground-type! How could I forget?!?

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Still, it's a step up from the previous games, which is good. Hopefully we get a better story this time. That's my real concern with the series. I'm not asking for later-year Final Fantasy level plots, but at least flesh things out a little more. I know there are thousands of lines of text, but the vast majority are said by random trainers and NPCs.

Come on, GameFreakm give us some story already!

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With no info other than two video clips and one pokémon design, we haven't heard anything about the story. The press release noted several changes, including a vague line about "adventure", which could be the story. It might change, it might not. We'll find out in the next few months.

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Still, it's a step up from the previous games

I personally disagree, making a game 3D doesn't make it better by default to me it has the potential to make it worse, in this case I just see 4th gen graphics in a poorly done 3D space with annoying camera changes.

I recognize that this is just early stuff, and it might get better by release but no, I don't feel what we have seen is a step up from previous games. It's a step sideways, and back from how much they managed to refine the engine by the time they did HG/SS.

I don't care what they do with the story as long as it doesn't obstruct me getting to the end of the game and playing in my pokemon sandbox. There is likely nothing they could do in a pokemon game storywise that would interest me unless first they made an MMO.

(I don't actually care how the game comes out much cause I'm probably going to randomly get it for my birthday next year, I just feel like being a negative nancy right now I guess)

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Which they stated they would never do, and so far they haven't.

I guess if we want the perfect pokémon game, we'll be playing something else.

I'd just like to see something more than a few lines about some random legendary and then a villian shows up and says something about their plan and then we have to fight them. Some more cutscenes or some longer conversations with important NPCs would go a long way towards that.

Also, having characters that are interesting would be a big change for the better. Cyrus was kind of different in that he wasn't just out for money or power, he truly wanted to change the world. The way he was going about changing it was the villainous part of his character. Teams Aqua and Magma were like that as well, but only in Emerald did they correctly convey it. Ruby and Sapphire had the opposite team acting as a force of good trying to stop the other team, which was kind of pointless if you played bother versions. Even then, though, it ended in the usual "OK, a little kid showed me how wrong I was, I'll stop being bad now" cliché. Giovanni, Neo-Team Rocket, Aqua and Maga and Galactic all did this.

Maybe it's time for the bad guys to stay bad all the way to the bitter end. Hell, they could even have him claim that he'll be back one day, and then a proper sequel could be done. Yes, it's also cliché, but it's one that hasn't been used yet. Anything at this point would be a welcome change.

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I only watched once, but did they use the same background sound/voices from the earlier video? It sounds very similar.

It is. There's a link to the original video from Pokémon Sunday on the side, just a few from the top.

Damned, I'll be damned... your point is exactly how I feel!

Couldn't pass up that pun either... :P

I have to kill you now. It's in the OCR sign-up agreement.

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Still, they should at least make the new team more evil, more menacing, and not "YOU BEAT ME I WILL BE GOOD NOW" at the end. Seriously, take a cue from the Pokémon Adventures manga; as OCRE told me, the creator of Pokémon himself said that the manga was as close to his vision of the Pokéverse possible. So take the willingness to sacrifice innocent lives, the malice to destroy the world, and the most evil side possible, and make a delicious cocktail of pure villainy in the new team's leader. Or something like that.

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