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Game company logos

Mr Azar

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The correct answer. Sony really should have gone back to the PS1's splashscreen for the PS3 slim. Such an awesome intro and sound.



This is my noise my computer make when it boots up.

TOTALLY AWESOME. It reminds me of waking up at 6am at my buddies house to play FF7,FF8,or FFT!

I like the topic so let's just take "favorites" out of the title and post awesome logos, okay? Okay.





Harry the Handsome Executive!


and my favorite, MAELSTROM!!! (Two Nothings is Nothing!)

What amazing memories!

I guess I should add some of my own...

I can't deny that I like this one...


As for Mac Classics... I was a fan of these logos long before Master Chief was around.



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see, what we really need are pics of the ugliest game company logos...

Some of you may disagree, but I was never a fan of the D & D look..


Looked sleeker as Squaresoft if you ask me.


Never understood what the FUCK the deal with the dog and the eggs was.


Attached to Pokemon fame, but c'mon, is this really it? No one even knows who the hell game freak is.


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Well, in the end, what I might find ugly really is just an opinion. Its not just that I don't understand them. Hal Labs looks weird (although now using that abbreviation, I see why the dog is in the logo hehe, lab...rador).

Game Freak's logo doesn't really grab me and that's why I might've called it "ugly", but really what's the phrase you could use in this example? "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Just a thought. Not like my views are the end all, be all. Just my observation.

I could've just used EA sports I think, but I think that's too iconic to be considered ugly. That and John Madden may come out of retirement to beat the snot outta me.

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I've always liked most of the text-only logotypes. Jupiter, one of the game companies that worked on The World Ends With You:


(pixelated a bit but that's the best pic I found)

You know a logo is efficient when they don't need to change it for people to recognize. Also when it always looks good no matter what decade it "lives" in.

When I look at Namco, I always have the logo from the Canadian National in mind. They never changed their logo and it's been nearly 100 years, yet it still looks great. Might be the color and the font...

I do like Hal Lab, and Hudson Soft too.

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