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Secret Bonus Point ~ a Dynamite Headdy tribute

Dj Mokram

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Welcome to the recruitment thread for:

Secret Bonus Point - a Dynamite Headdy tribute album


SBP release and discussion thread is HERE


Thanks everyone! :)

All tracks are DONE and we're wrapping up the album.

Can't disclose more info in here, as this is only a recruitment thread.

But if you've been following this project (secretly or not), stay tuned.

We're almost there...

Release date: August 26th 2011


Project supporter sigs:

Support this project by using the sigs below and linking them to: http://dhsbp.kngi.org




Project history

Dynamite Headdy is a sidescroller platforming game developped for the Sega Genesis in 1994

by Treasure (Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Radiant Silvergun, Silhouette Mirage, Ikaruga).

It's a fun, albeit challenging game, that often rewards you for thinking outside the box

...with Secret Bonus Points! :D

Thanks to Nazo² Unit, who pushed the YM2612 to its limits, the soundtrack has a very distinct personality,

driven by jazzy and classical influences, colorful grooves, and a healthy dose of craziness.

Someone needed to make sure their prowesses wouldn't go unnoticed.

This project started primarily as a fun way to experiment with some ideas and grow as an artist.

A remix request posted by user Jaybell was left unanswered since 2007.

After joining the community, I took upon myself to arrange some songs.

Along the way, a few people volunteered to help or were recruited to join the effort.

What was once a one-man job, turned into a collaborative tribute album.

A preview was released to celebrate the game 16th anniversary and showcase progress.

We've also been granted forums space courtesy of Nitro Game Injection host KyleJCrb.

Interestingly enough, the original thread has since become the most viewed request thread of all time.

Secret Bonus Point will contain around 20 arrangements from the game's soundtrack.


For various reasons, these tracks were not arranged:

Carmen and Nutcracker (both classical pieces)

Funny Angry

I love Goldie Hawn

Kejime 2

Maruyama appears

North Town theme

Tonight's a Jazzy Night

Why Figgy


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I have to say that however it ends up, you're cool for doing this - some people around do it more for the glory than the music, but here you're clearly gunning for the music, everything else be damned.

Much respect!

100% agreed. Go go, guys! GOOOO!

Thanks a lot for the support good sirs! I'm not sure how long I can keep the glory from stealing my mixers, but I'l do my best. :D

Never heard of the game but I wish you guys the best of luck. If you don't find someone for Dark Demon's song in the long run, let me know. :-o

Thanks for the kind words and the offer. I'll make sure to let you know.

Not being official is the new black. 8)

Mokram, my spring break is coming up next week, so after my own deadline passes, I'll be able to devote ALL MY TIME or maybe some of it to my track for this project.

As long as you don't run off to Cancun, get drunk celebrating the release of EoL, devote all your time to party girls, and totally forget about this, it should be ok. :mrgreen:

Ahh yes, i remember spring break....lol. :) No more spring break for us working fellows.

Anyways, my track is already finished so i'm good here, but i'm hoping we get some people to finish up those last few tracks.

Yeah, NintenJoe64 is the man! Everyone on board should follow your exemple and finish their mixes.

And I sure hope we get people to start those last few tracks, at least. ;)

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Do it man, do it. DO IT!! Is that working? Cause i really think you should do it. :D

I believe he's already working on that. 8-)

And a good news following another, one more song has been claimed.

We're now down to only 3 tracks:

Post here or PM me if you want to claim one of these remaining sources.

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There's a saying that goes like this: "Prove yourself by your actions, not by your words".

It's cool Brandon, we've already discussed this issue earlier, and I'm aware of the time it takes to make a kickass song.

Also, keep in mind it's not a project thread, just a recruitment one. Move the chatter to PM whenever possible.

I'm trying not to upset the mods, so help me out here. ;)

Also, your sigs are freaking huge! Might want to resize them down a little.

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Looking for a chiptune artist!
Looking specifically for a chiptune artist to ReMix 'Paradise'.
I sure do like writing chiptunes.

hmmm...I'd like to take a swing at this.

I'm not sure about working without a midi or something similar, but I'll play with it. :)

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