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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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We've released a mandatory update to Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below.

Team Fortress 2

- Added The Fast Learner

- Fixed +randommap not working correctly on server startup

- Fixed some instances of corrupted text when the save_replay key isn't bound

- Fixed dedicated server console spew related to the Replay client and viewangles

- Fixed a spelling error in a cp_fastlane material

- Fixed team colors not working correctly for the second style of the Black Rose

- Fixed Mann Co. Store item previews for paints and styles

- Updated item descriptions to contain the name of the paint used to color them

- Updated the Reggaelator

- Added an LOD model

- Added 3 styles

- Updated cp_dustbowl

- Adjusted Blue team's func_respawnroom in stage 1 to be flush against the door

- 언어 파일 업데이트

Not sure if the last bit shows on this board or not... it's Korean.

Edit: Auto-update thinks the server is already up to date, killing it and manually running the updater.

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We've released a mandatory update to Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below.



Team Fortress 2

- Added The Teufort Tooth Kicker

- Fixed being able to call server votes for training maps

- Fixed a case where capturing a point in overtime would end the round before time could be added

- Fixed not hearing the third-person weapon sounds for The Gloves of Running Urgently, The Overdose, and The Wrap Assassin

- Fixed unusual particles appearing in the wrong place for the Desert Marauder

- Improved bot behaviors

- Updated cp_mountainlab

- Fixed several clipping issues

- Updated the gamehaptics file:

- Added draw/swing/stab forces to the Black Rose

- Added missing forces for Three Rune Blade

- Added more detail to butterfly knife draw forces

- Modified Overdose recoil force to more accurately reflect new sound effect

- Refined Huntsman & Minigun recoil forces

- Refined Jarate throw force

- Refined Syringe Gun crit recoil forces

- Arquivos de localização atualizados

Whoops, I was playing and didn't notice it update. Should be updated soon.

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I've played a few times over the last few weeks myself, but I definitely want to play a bit more. I did see that some of you guys were in a Highlander match recently; how did that turn out?

Still ongoing. Terms of Enrampagement is currently 5-1 (correct me if I'm wrong).

We're about like halfway through the tournament or something right now.

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We're more than half way through the season it looks, with 3 more weeks to go.

Most of these tournaments are just put together through sites that allow anyone to put a team of 9 together (plus spares) and then schedule people to fight. This team is being bossed by Jaswald, Gamemaster and Knee-Crow. They jsut approached people who were either good at the game, like Lumpy, or people who were likely to show up every week (like me)

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This will likely leak out if it hasn't already... That admin post I mentioned last week? The community should probably know what it is about.

Here are the first 3 sentences of it:

Some of you may have seen this coming a ways off, and I've been considering this for the past few weeks.

I think it's well past time for me to step down as the lead admin for the OCR TF2 servers. It's clear that I am largely responsible for the current state of affairs in regards to the server.

The rest of the post (and replies to it so far) are in regards of what to do with the servers going forward. It is looking very heavily like it will need to be donation driven, although I don't believe we've heard from Brushfire yet.

At present, the TF2 servers are paid through the first week of June, which gives us just over two months to transition. I may hijack RED, at least temporarily... I'm currently active in a different TF2 Community, RUGC (Reddit) Midwest.

On a side note, Replays have been disabled on the server as they almost certainly the cause of the random freezes we were seeing... Valve still hasn't fixed FTP Replay support.

P.S. Mandatory update later tonight.

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Team Fortress 2

- Added The Waxy Wayfinder

- Added a new promotional item

- Added Strange Parts that can be used to upgrade existing Strange-quality weapons

- Updated The Cozy Camper to allow it to be used in Medieval Mode

- Double-clicking on a tool in the backpack view will now use that tool

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause weapons dropped after death to render with incorrect skins

- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause The Manmelter to display incorrect kill icons

- Fixed a bug that would cause certain in-game notification sounds to play even if "cl_notifications_show_ingame" was false

- Fixed a bug that would cause chat-text strange weapon rank up notifications to sometimes display player names as "unknown"

- Increased Steam Workshop item description to 8000 characters

- Updated arena_ravine

- Minor visual and performance improvements

- Updated cp_well

- Performance improvements

- Lokalisointitiedostot päivitetty

I do wonder what Strange Parts do... these were rumored awhile ago.

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I've seen some of the usual suspects playing in random Valve servers, but that doesn't usually float my boat. If someone on my friends list hops in there, I'll almost always join if I'm able.

I'd love to play with you guys, but I prefer playing places where I know a large number of the people in the game, or, I know someone who has some hand in operations of the server. That's how I came to OCRTF2 to begin with (via Powerlord). Furthermore, I want to play on servers with clear, well-established and -enforced decorum rules. Valve servers do not fit any of the foregoing criteria. As such, I go there, check some of the gameplay out, then leave. The last time I was on a Valve server, I was bored to tears because there was none of the usual camaraderie or socializing that we see on OCRTF2. Though that was better in stark contrast to one time before that where there was rampant stupidity. Even the former was enough to drive me away.

However, granted, I didn't know most of you at first, but I did get to know you. And overall, OCRTF2's decorum rules were very close to what I consider ideal. This alone kept a lot of the stupidity down to a tolerable minimum. Unless OCRTF2 comes back in some form, it was great while it lasted.

Wait, what? What do you mean by "the current state of affairs" and why is it your fault?

I haven't been paying much attention to TF2 recently.

I think he probably means the servers' wonkiness, but I'll let PL answer this one.

I haven't exactly been doing so either, other than to watch the servers to see who's playing. As for the game itself, I do keep an eye on the SRCDS mailing list like PL does.

How much money do I need to throw at this?

I had recently offered my own server. However, any possible technical issues notwithstanding, I think the main thing that keeps me from doing so is the fact that given it is my box, I do have very strict rules of decorum that I want followed in addition to (although most of mine are mostly based on) rules OCRTF2 already has in place. According to a conversation I had with Bark and Paranoid last night, this seems to create a "single tyrant" scenario that these folks are trying to avoid.

For what it's worth, I will continue to run my server if people would like somewhere to play, but I don't think it can be an OCRTF2 community server because of the rules I want in place.


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