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April Fools! "Macarena of Time" from zircon, pixietricks, injury, Harmony, and big giant circles

Jillian Aversa

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I wish; it burrows in your head like the source tune...

Actually if I ever hear Macarena again, now I can just superimpose Jill/Starla/Brandon's voices on top of it all. Though I don't think I've heard it in like 14 years. KF

Don't forget Jimmy! ^-^

Taucer: it would be awesome to have you in the video. Hit me up on AIM.

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Ffff, I thought I'd put that song to rest for good, but then you had to go and get zelda involved and pull me right back into it. Unlike the original, though, I'm actually inclined to pay attention to the lyrics this time and by george, they made it worth it.

Man... I've been meaning to do a Saria cosplay for years, though I never got much work done sewing. I should pick that back up sometime. :|a

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