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iPhone 4G (?) leaked accidentally (?)

The Biznut

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Someone loses a phone in a bar, someone else finds it. No big deal, happens all the time, Right? Right. Now what if that phone is an Apple's next gen iphone prototype? Then it doesn't happen all the time, probably never. But if it does, it is a significantly larger deal.

Especially if Gizmondo gets their hands on it.

I'm still not sure how ready I am to believe the story behind this entirely. Could Apple have planned something like this maybe? Tech wise it seems to be the real thing though. I'm looking forward to ditching my blackberry for the new iphone, if this is it or not.

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Could Apple have planned something like this maybe?

It's not unprecedented, I recall an article about how Apple deliberately "leaks" information about upcoming products for a combination of reasons:

a) To generate hype

B) To see how people react to certain ideas. (market research)

c) To steal the thunder from a competitor's product

I'm thinking this leak may be deliberate. If not, Apple's legal department probably would've been all over gizmodo by now. Just a few days ago Apple legal had macrumors.com take down information about their serial numbering scheme within hours of posting it.


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Brief Aside: There is a level of hype among a certain sect of apple users that seems to defy logic, especially when we are talking about week long lineups in front of an apple store pending a new apple product release date. It is bizzare behavior to me, as it obviously is to you, Patrick Burns.

Therefore, the OP does not find Patrick Burns guilty of threadshitting. The Jury is dismissed and all talk of that can end now. I do however, find your name very similar to that of a former Toronto Maple Leafs head coach.

Now back to the topic at hand.

My interest in the 4G lies in the fact that I have become frustrated by my blackberry's erratic behavior, and the immense opportunity that is the app-store, especially as a DJ. I have been curious about a new hardware update on the iphone for quite a while, as I have been planning on getting an iphone for several months. I need to know what I am missing out on if I were to buy a 3G or 3Gs now vs waiting on a next get Iphone.

analoq, I was totally wondering about the legal side of things. I also have a hard time thinking that Gizmondo would dare to do this without some sort of green light from apple.

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Y'all need to shut the hell up and get back on topic. I'm pretty certain that this was no accident especially considering the very important silence order on another certain phone that was lifted not too far from this event. This is Apple stealing the thunder and taking attention away from its competitors. Money says that if they haven't declared it already that they will officially reveal the specs of this phone on the release date of said competitor.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So... since this was posted....

There's been the outing of two names, a letter in writing issued by Apple to retrieve the phone, a police search of a Gizmodo editor with a warrant, and a lawsuit by Gizmodo against the police department, stating that the police had no right to search the guy's home citing Shield Laws.

Basically this phone's caused a huge amount of freaking trouble for everyone.



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Well this has got me wondering if this really was just a clever play by Apple, It's getting pretty intense for a covert marketing maneuver...

Yeah, the story's turned into an absolute zoo now. Gizmodo kind of proved that they have no class overall now and Apple confirmed that their new phone looks like.. well the thing that was found.

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