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OCR01219 - Chrono Trigger "Calamitous Judgment"

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The bombast and flare of this song, turning a suspenseful tune of worry and fret into hyped-up symphonic bliss keep me coming back time after time. Even the slower parts of this song just give off a hyped up, edge of your seat with worry feeling.

Another song I can't get enough of. The strings totally make this ReMix worth it.

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A few of the more legato samples haven't aged as well, but gdamn does the rest of this hold up strongly- excellent pacing, tight beats, and a real dramatic flair make this a killer mix all the way through. It contains a lot of cool zircon stylistic choices that with the benefit of hindsight have only been expanded upon in the past 6 years. The level of expansion is really good as well, with a lot of additions and some breakdowns too, and a solid flow.

Excellent stuff, and a stellar first sub. Also cool that it was the first song Larry ever YES'ed. Historic remix! :D

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You'd never know this was a debut mix. zircon at his most embryonic. While this lacks some of the refinement that further years of expertise would award, it is still of extremely high calibre.

I like that this is very much bound to the classical roots of the source, and despite having dance conventions and sounds, it never really lowers into actually danceable territory. This isn't club music; it's closer to IDM, though with heavy emphasis on melody.

Samples are really great from the get-go. The pacing is superb and the arrangement is consistent with the quality of the mix. I think much better arrangements from zircon were still to come and I would say that is the area where he has made the biggest improvements. But debuts are rarely this strong or well-defined. I think this gains a lot of listening in retrospect.

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