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OCR01219 - Chrono Trigger "Calamitous Judgment"


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I would have to say zircon really is one of the hardest working mixers. He is all over the WIP boards and remixing forums lending a hand and his extensive knowledge when he can as well as providing OCR now with a brilliant debut mix. I heard this on the WIP boards and fell in love with its hard hitting and evocative style. I can't wait to hear more songs from this remixer.

Rock on zircon.

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Nice job here ! ,it's so cool to hear some remixers actually take on the difficult task of doing orchestral techno from well known games .

The way i see it orchestral techno is in direct comparison to symphonic black metal in terms of melody and mood ..some gothic/power metal bands nowadays also use this.

When i hear stuff like this ,i think of power/black metal ..is just the way it is :)

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The techno-orchestral combination has been a favortie of mine since I became familar with wonderful works of Yuki Kajiura. While this, and Triforce Majeure, are of a different fell than her music, they have always sounded incredible, dramatic, epic, and powerful. The strings are just awesome, period.

I've heard critics of this genre claim that the orchestral parts of these tracks are added to create a "cheap dramatic effect", but I find them to be an integral part of the song. I hope this inspires even more mixers to create songs of a similar genre, cause in just about every way imaginable, it sounds totally awesome.

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thanks, everyone :D getting on OCR was my motivation for getting into digital music, so this mix getting posted made me very happy. a big thanks to various wip and remixing forum people for helping me out with an assortment of issues that came up in the production of this.

In case anyone is curious, I used the following tools for this remix:

* FLStudio 4.5.2 for sequencing

* Fruity soundfont player for all the orchestral instruments

* Free drum samples, all of which can be downloaded at http://www.soundtempest.net/ in the resources section

* z3ta+ for a few of the lead synths and harmony synths

* Roland V-Synth (which I've now returned) for the 2nd chorus lead

* 3xosc and String Theory for various other harmony synths

* Free soundfonts for everything else, including Florestan Martellato Strings, Cadenza, Cadenza Strings, and Fluid R3

If I remember correctly, almost all effects were FL effects, with maybe a few mda ones - I don't quite remember. Finally, if anyone wants, I can send them the .flp for this, though I don't know how useful it would be to them.

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This particular "trial" theme was one of the first remixes I went looking for back when I originally stumbled upon this site (which was a little easier since there were less than a handful of CT remixes then). The rsn file sufficed- as it was better than the alternative of leaving the snes on during the trial scene while the music looped or later when rom's became widely distributed. But I still hungered after an actual remix. So it was with a bit of a backstory that I gleefully saw this remix hitting the site, and I must say I am both happy and slightly disappointed (perhaps because I have held my breath for so long and the lack of oxygen has made me loopy). I have a tremendously positive reaction, simply because of my joy for the source material. The trial scene, as simple as the music is, I find to be maddeningly addictive. It serves as the meat of this remix and I was hoping for it to receive a more classical/traditional orchestra interpretation. This is really a matter of personal preference as I still find myself addicted to the beat and have listened to this remix over and over again as I write this. Anyway, great job on capturing a classic, and underappreciated theme.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01219 - Chrono Trigger "Calamitous Judgment"

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