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Anime Recommendations - Mature Action Stuff


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Dismiss everything you ever knew about anime and watch Monster. Things will never be the same again. It's such an amazing story.

That's basically what every fan says about his/her favorite anime series. I think that's what got me so intrigued with the genre.

I used to think it was basically rubbish. Now I want to watch it all. I'm not sure why I liked the Full Metal Panic series so much. Something about the main character just caught me.

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I watched a few episodes of this anime called Ga Rei Zero a while back, I wanna finish it someday...

It's got supernatural stuff all over it, and a bit of gore and stuff, but nothing to Elfen Lied. Also, a bit of yuri service, if you're into that.

Has anyone seen Last Exile? I heard that was good too.

i've never watched cowboy bebop

Also, that manga someone referenced a few pages back is TOO. EPIC. You NEED to read it, it's so awesome.

IIRC, there was an anime adaptation too.

And re: Fullmetal Alchemist, FMA: Brotherhood follows the manga better, if you're picky about that. I also hear it's very different from the original FMA.

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Monster was amazing and I usually am more than picky about what I watch anime-wise (read: next to nothing, honestly)

Excellent story, great characters, and by far, the best villain in any series of any kind I have ever seen. It's brilliant, and unlike most anime, it doesn't end like shit. Be warned though, it's long, but it's so worth it. It had me screaming at my TV at a few points. :P

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noir is pretty damn good - mireille bouquet can kick my ass anyday

bit of an older anime but great nonetheless - i hate those people who don't watch an anime because of it's art. if anyone here is one of those people i hate you

still being released monthly is katanagatari - pretty good so far, decent action - though the main character is pretty overpowered rofl

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I haven't read this whole thread, but people have covered quite a bit already. I'd recommend Moribito (series); it follows a female body guard as she protects an exiled prince who has been possessed by a water spirit.

And Sword of the Stranger (film).

Oooh, Moribito, I'd totally forgotten about that series. I can second that recommendation.

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