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Anime Recommendations - Mature Action Stuff


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the anime Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni might be an interesting watch but it's lighter on action and more of a murder mystery

Maybe in the second season. In the first season it's just murder.

I enjoyed it, though I've been pretty much made immune to intense violence ever since Elfin Lied.

Oh yeah, Elfin Lied. That's, uh, certainly an adult show.

Unfortunately, the majority of American voice actors suck, especially in anime.

Do yourself a favor and ignore these blanket assertions. Judge for yourself.

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I am surprised no one has said cowboy bebop yet!!!!!

^ This.

You'll find martial arts (main hero is a jeet kune do specialist), and an extremely compelling story.

Protagonists aren't assassins diguised as emo-teenagers, or vampires disguised as priest, or giant panda robots with tentacles and weird stuff like that.

Characters are humans, with human traits and emotions. It's set on a futuristic earth and in space (and some other locations I won't spoil).

It may be one of the most brillant anime ever made, and it's not intended for kids imo.

Themes are really mature, dealing with grown-up problems or tough decisions we may all face someday.

There's action, reflexion, humor, joy, sadness, love, family, friendship, life, loss, death(s) and even serious monkey business (yes, I'm serious!).

Only unknown for me is the US dubbing, since I only ever watch japanese anime with original voices.

Other than that, I recommend Cowboy Bebop 100%.

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I'll fifth? sixth? the votes for Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which was what got me into "adult" anime and has kept my interest since. (And by adult, I mean more mature than Pokemon, not, y'know, adult films kind of adult.) Or at least, both series were amazing; I wasn't that fond of the movies, but then again I watched them both at like three in the morning and was half-asleep, so eh. But yeah. GITS:SAC is a definite must-see, especially if you like getting philosophical and psychological before each serving of ass-kicking. But I'll also caution you, and I think someone else already said this: You're going to HATE the Tachikomas.

Samurai Champloo (which I never got to finish), Black Lagoon (which I saw a total of one episode of), and Cowboy Bebop are also great choices.

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