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Heard any video game music in public this summer?

Mr Azar

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I DJ at weddings a lot and I always sneak in some vg remixes where I can, haha. Some tracks from the Time & Space album from Oneup Studios are regulars, and Matoya's Cave from the Black Mages. I also DJ for Jr. High dances, and I play sound bytes from Videogames during giveaways or draws that happen. I do the "Open Treasure Chest" sound from Zelda 64 followed by the "get large item" sound during draws, and it is SO fun, hahaha.

I also will play Name that Videogame song or SFX when I can, and it is also a lot of fun :)

I never ever hear videogame music/remixes anywhere up where I live, at least not randomly anywhere. I would totally lose it if I did. Like the time I saw some kid with a Dragonforce shirt, before their second album had even come out, back when they were fresh and new and WAY before they were popular. I could not believe my eyes.

Yeah. If I heard videogame music randomly in the streets of Grande Prairie, I would totally flip out.

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Okay so today this morning on the radio I heard an advertisement for a performance at Wolf Trap. Through out the ad I pretty much heard

as the ad went on.

In regards to the event here

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY®, this spectacular concert will be enhanced by state-of-the-art video and art stills shown on massive screens in-house and on the lawn, highlighting the games’ most memorable sequences.
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