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Heard any video game music in public this summer?

Mr Azar

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I'm playing the fallout 3 theme (I don't wana set the world on fire) at a jazz fest this summer

I don't mean to nitpick... but I'm not sure a song that existed nearly 80 years before Fallout 3 really counts as video game music. Though I have to say, it would be pretty sweet to hear that performance! :-)

Edit: I heard another ice cream truck play Dragon Warrior music. I wonder if it's the same one I heard earlier...

Where do you live, sir? At the very heart of VGM itself?!?

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Like Chili, I heard OC Remixes at the laser tag place. Probably cause we went there the same night (and kicked copious amounts of ass).

There's also a theater near my aunt's house that plays video game remixes in the before-movie ads and trivia questions and whatnot. I've heard Metroid Prime (Phendrana Drifts, specifically), Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario 64.

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God I wish... I've only once in my life has someone even recognized my video game music. Just sitting in my car in a GameCrazy parking lot, listening to a Wily Theme cover I did for reference, and some random tough ass looking black dude walked by. :-x"HEY!"

8OI got ready to be killed.:-P "THAT'S MEGA MAN!". I giggled like a school girl. The End.

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