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Kirby's Adventure: Rise of the Star - History


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I've toyed with the idea of implementing a peer review, but at this point, I don't want to hurt any feelings. If all of the remixers are okay with it, I'll devise a Peer Review process.

The problem with auditions was that I accepted people as they applied, so it went more like a first come first serve. In retrospect I should have waited for all of the auditions and picked the cream of the crop.

Everyone please add your thoughts; should we do a Peer Review? I'd like to hear some arguments.

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I kind of agree with what you said earlier, it would be kinda unfair and meanish to kick someone off a slot you've already given them.

But on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with getting the best of the best instead of (lack of a better word) settling for something not so good.

I guess what I'd suggest is keeping whoever you have right now, unless someone auditions that is clearly better for the job.

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I don't have a huge problem with peer review, if it comes to that.

On an entirely different note (or maybe not), I'd like some feedback on the overall sound I'm working on right now.

Drums + Bass clip

I'm just screwing around with the sounds of my drum and bass patterns, and I'd like opinions on the overall feel of it. I wasn't happy with the bass sound at first (sounded too mechanical and blatently sequenced), but the drums banging around underneath it seem to disguise the flaws a bit. I guess the 4 Scream-4 units behind it helps too. :P

I'm debating working it over to more closely match the bassline pattern in Track 15. It sounded ugly, REAL ugly, when I tried it before. It's in the same key, but let me know if this sounds completely unrecognizable, compared to the old one.

(Honesty is appreciated, this is just a sample. ;) )

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what ÍS a peer review?

Peer review means I would more mixers to work on the project, but still keep the original amount of slots for the tracks.

For example, lets say I want to work on the track for Water Drop, and you also want to work on the track for Water Drop. We would both make our remixes for it, and then at the end of the project, everyone would all vote on the mix they would most like to be on the album for Water Drop. If your mix won, it would be the on the album, and my mix would not. Either way, we'd both get a good mix out of it.

One of the reasons I'm leaning towards allowing more tracks and going into a PR system is that some guys have expressed interest in working on the project (Darangen, Zircon...MYSELF ;), but I don't have any slots open for them.

As for politics, I don't think I'll have to worry about it. We'll just have to stress that the music must be the only thing that is reviewed.

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KirbyMixer said:
Because most users on the site like techno the most

Not true.

DJ_Ikronix said:
Out of curiosity, what's the problem with multiple remixes of a single track being released on the album? I can understand wanting to make most of the soundtrack is covered, but apparently there's no more room. :P

The concept of the album is character themes. This isn't a full soundtrack remix album. I have already stated that two or three times in this thread.

We can't have two mixes that are both "Theme of Great Ace," for example. It does not make sense.


Alright so I just realized that both Rellik and KirbyMixer are mixing track 22. I just talked to KM, and he's going to mix Fountain of Dreams as Water Drop instead. :P

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Hey, I'm here just to say that I've been working on my song.

I'll be uploading a wip tonight or tomorrow, there was a hurricane here yesterday and internet is kinda choppy today.

Since I'm remixing "The Great Ace" I'm trying to give it an epic feeling, a very powerfull remix.

I'll post the link later. Oh and I'm ok with "The Adventurers" :wink:

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guess i'm a little too late, but i'd have to say that the best way to peer review is to make sure that no wips are released for competing tracks and then post both finished products at the same time in the end, with no artist in the id3 tags.

that way there's nothing to judge but the music itself.


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I'd like to contribute to this project as well. I have no remixing talent at all unfortunately. However, I do have a great artistic talent. If you need any sort of logo(s) for the album I gladly make some for free. :D

Observe my sig for example, reversable names are fun (it spells KWarp). The album's ones would be of a much higher quality of course. :wink:

As for a title, here's some stuff off the top of my head:

Kirby Chorus

Copy Jam

Dreamland Adventures: Live

Dreamland Adventures: The Musical

Dreamland Destination

I like that last one. :P

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Alright so I just realized that both Rellik and KirbyMixer are mixing track 22. I just talked to KM, and he's going to mix Fountain of Dreams as Water Drop instead. :P

:( I hope it wasn't my fault. If it was my fault, I apologize. If it was KirbyMixer's, I forgive him :P.

Ikronix, your DnB clip is very cool :). I didn't recognize the bassline at first, but it should work fine (in fact, I agree that the original bassline wouldn't have worked for DnB, or actually very many genres at all, since it's so different from a normal bassline). The sound, as I mentioned, is very cool. My only suggestion would be to beef up the drum track a little, but not by alot, since it's mostly fine.

As for peer review, my take on the matter is that I guess it's an ok idea if necessary. My suggestion: at least leave room in the project for mixes that aren't of the character themes. They could be cordoned off from the mixes of the character themes, but it seems to me that it would be a shame to sever them completely from the project.

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Don't worry about it Rellik. It was my fault.

KirbyMixer, remember when I talked to you on AIM the other day? Fountain of Dreams is track 57 on the NSF, so you can work that into your piece.

Everyone: if you've got WIPs, post them, because then we can all provide feedback. If everyone can get solid demos by the first deadline, I won't have to cut anyone :P.

Ikronix; the clip sounds fine to me. I'd have to hear more of it in the context of the mix to make a good judgement though. Keep going with it.

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is there an official track list in hear somewhere?

Because im doing star general and track 1...

I would like to know what other people are doing, so I could gauge the possibility of pulling in extra source material such as a line or two from track 51 or track 3 and so forth.

(Im getting more and more jealous of 51 the more I listen to it. lol )

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KirbyMixer - 22/57 - Water Drop
chthonic - 3 - Son of Wind
Adhesive_Boy - 41/42 - L'il Traveller
Dj_StarChild - 33/34 - Star Herald
Rellik - 55/37/22 - Swift Hunter
Suzumebachi - 28/29 - Dream Hunter
Ellywu2 - 18/19 - Dream Warrior
Trenthian - 1/2 - Star General
Sir Nuts - 13 - Great Ace
DJ Ikronix - 14/15 - Final Star
Destiny - 56 - Hero of Lore

DarkeSword - undecided/backup mixer
analoq - backup mixer
Darangen - backup mixer, available for collab

There's what we're working with so far; Rellik and KirbyMixer are both incorporating 22 due to a miscommunication on my part; however, Rellik's piece isn't focusing on it, so it's okay.

I'd like to avoid any further overlapping though.

Trenthian, as you can see, nobody's doing 51, so go ahead and incorporate it if you'd like.

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