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Zelda Underworld - Nullification (Dubstep)

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This is dirty, nasty, disgusting, gritty, outright murderous, tangibly upsetting, facemelting, unadulterated genius.

I'm listening to this in the shower and I still don't feel clean.

Seriously man, this is epic, well produced, perfectly in the style of dubstep, and could probably be an outright and direct post if you sub it as is.

Props, Kudos, whatever other digital prizes you can be wished. This is golden.

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I think he already subbed this month ago, bro.

Needless to say I'm pretty amazed at this mix - I can hear a shitload of work in the processing of all the effects. It's unreal. That said, I don't really have an ear for this sort of mix, so it doesn't affect me too much, aesthetically. It is certainly great stuff, though. Perhaps I'm just the person you're referring to in the OP, and I need to get used to the sound :)!!.

Anyhoo, I can see this track as a direct post. The FF7 track just has to be a direct post. I don't think you need to worry about anything at all.

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Just stumbled upon this off the main page. PR, you're my *checks iTunes play counts* 5th favorite ReMixer here (behind zircon, halc, chthonic/Ben Briggs, and AeroZ), so it's always nice to see you making more truly B.A. music.

If you're not familiar with Borgore or Noisia, you probably should stay away from this. Definitely.

Never heard of either of those artists, but whatever. I find it quite similar to your own Dark Matter, but with less volume and more demonic possession. :-D

Unfortunately, I probably won't download this one because I can't use it as background music; it drops out and pulls so much distortion that I'd never be able to focus on my homework long enough to get it done.

Good work, though. Good luck with getting it accepted!

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