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Stop comparing MJ to other artists.


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Why do you WTF and Heads will Roll at the idea of someone like Lady Gaga or Justin Beiber being compared to Michael Jackson?

They are successful musicians who are young and have a lot of skill in singing, dancing, and putting on a show - isn't that a huge start?

In all honesty, Gaga and Bieber have potential, great potential, but it's quite early to say that they are on MJ's level. They'll have a Hell of a lot of hoops to jump through and little boys to share beds with.

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little boys


Now the only question remains is why does it matter that people are getting compared? Its all a matter of opinions anyway, so no one is going to be right as it is. Why argue about it on these (generally) civil forums?

Honestly, Jackson was better than most, but that doesn't mean that nobody should aspire for that amount of success.

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I say this with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but I dare anyone not to compare Michael Jackson to the following and view them based on their merits alone AND not thinking of MJ.


or this:

or this:

and I won't even post the Michael Jackson/Sonic 3 comparison videos that are everywhere.

@ Salluz, I think I know what you're saying, and in a sense I guess I agree with you, but anything good that shakes the foundation of something (like MJ did to pop and mainstream entertaining) is going to get compared to things. In my opinion, when people seek to compare against someone else consistently, it only underscores their impact, and honestly, the ripples in the water from Michael Jackson's influence are still seen today. Just the way Elvis, Mozart, James Brown, Queen, Michael Jackson, or any other popular figures in music history (both modern and classical ) left ripples from their influence in the music world. They became a standard for subsets of musicians, whether you agree or not, you know?

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