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1. The main melody is in key


All you did was cover the Dire Dire Docks theme note by note with a single synth thing and add a few random and way-too-loud drumloops in the background. I'd take a better listen at the posted remixes on this site, to get a better idea of how different you can make your remix to make it interesting.

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You could start from a rhythm, a new chord sequence, or just a random adaptation of part of the melody, see where that takes you. The only thing in here that feels creative is the choice of drum loop. How about you use that as a basis for a more creative take on the source, see how different the source feels if you break it up, squeeze or stretch it to fit the drums more?

Sorry to be hatin', but iirc you've done better than this. :P

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Honestly...I don't like it all that much as of now. Maybe a different sound for the melody. It gets old really fast. And I don't know if you changed any part of the melody for this third version, but it still sounds like a pure midi rip/cover. I do like that pad synth type thing in the background, it's pretty nice. And the drums are okay, maybe some more variation. I can't take five minutes of this. *pauses song* ;-)

In the words of hewhoisiam,

It's pretty short as is. Pick a part you like and play with it, expand it. Lots you can do.

Just work with it. I'm still a n00b, but I can tell when something's not gonna make it.

I know this all sounds harsh, but don't take it personally. I'm just trying to help.:)!!

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Oh hey, I remember you from last year. You posted that track from FFVI. On the positive side, this is miles better than your last track.

I can hear the changes in chord structure, and they work pretty well, there. Otherwise, I'm going to mirror what others have said - the talkbox is really annoying when used throughout a track. It's only effective in short bursts. The drums are far too repetitive. For OCR, it's too close to the original.

I'm not going to say it's a midi-rip, though - there's quite a bit going on here that makes it different from a regular midi rip. The soloing is neat, and some of the harmonic changes are well done.

It's not bad. It's nothing special either, though. Keep working at it.

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"yay yay yay yay yay, yay yay yay yay yeh-"

Yeah, I would recommend changing that lead, and if you use it at all, only for a brief instance. I wouldn't use the same instrument for the melody throughout- variation is fun, plus it takes the pressure off having to choose one lead and one lead only. But definitely not five minutes of that thing. ^^; (No offense, it is kind of fun but it just gets old, that's all.)

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Let's a-go!!

No real intro here with the synths near-immediate entry into the song. Synths are honestly on the bland side here.

The beat isn't bad itself, however, it pretty much stays on autopilot the entire mix with no fills, dropoffs or changeups.

Arrangement-wise, this is very conservative - making it sound more like a midi-rip/sound upgrade than a ReMix. Really need to take some care in personalizing this to your own creative arrangement.

I hope this doesn't come off as too negative as I don't want to discourage you. I just recommend you keep working on both production and arrangement. Explore some more synths, look at lots of presets, get an idea of what sounds good in existing mixes and why, etc. Try some variation in melody, flow of the song, harmonies, breakdowns, tempo, etc. Imagine how you can create something new while still keeping the connection with the original.

At this stage in mixing, I suggest you let this one sit a while and try your hand at a lot of different tracks and styles. It's really easy starting out to get attached to a mix you've spent a lot of time on, but I found that when I started moving on to a lot of new things and trying new techniques, I really started to progress. I'm not trying to tell you that you have to drop this mix, I just think it'll help you progress to keep trying new things.

Also, keep posting your mixes here and we'll keep trying to help you improve. Hope this helps.

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Woahhh nelly. What is that random synth that pops in there? It's way too upfront compared to the rest of the track. If you want it blasting in like that, you'll have to have the rest of the track adapt to that aggressive sort of mood. I think the drums could come forward and do some sort of aggressive pattern to give it some energy there.

You also didn't take, or even respond to, Nutricious' advice about adding sweeps, drops, fills, etc. You should trust his advice as a remixer with 12 posted songs. You're just kind of mass posting revisions when you should be doing a complete overhaul of the song or really just taking time to learn more about arranging.

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