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Minecraft [1.7.2/4?]


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Brandon: Well, yeah, but "world"? Do you mean an MC server? a Map like itchs? the Files? Define "world"

Also, I dont know if GoDaddy's virtual or dedicated server machines are exactly meant for hosting game servers. might work i guess, but couldn't recommend it.

Multiplay, our host, is like $10/mo and up. You dont get root access, everything is through their ClanForge interface, but they take a lot of the brain work out of it if you don't know what you're doing

Prophet: You should come back to the server =P Its been a while

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i didn't mean in the world, i meant in the gameplay itself. what new items? what new enemies? what new glitches?

also, strader, i meant that as a point in time, not as something i'm angry about :<

Oh ok, apologies. I thought you were going to be mad about that until I died. :-o

As for gameplay changes, it's all still the same. They have beds and dogs now, beds are easy to make, and dogs are rare in the forest. I haven't found one yet but I've seen them. :-o Different servers also have different mods. The one I play on now has apple trees. I've got more apples than I know what to do with. -_- Some servers I think have like, horse mods, where you can have a horse farm. And bears. I wish they'd just add all that stuff to the regular game.

Fun glitch I've been experiencing.. if you save your spot in a bed, and die out in the field, when you respawn at your bed there's a perfect 6x6 tile hole where your bed should be and you just fall into limbo repeatedly and die.

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Prophet: As stated, we're running on 1.3 until MPUK updates. If you need to roll back your client, PM me or come to IRC.

Though, MPUK is expected to update bukkit sometime tomorrow

Bukkit had an API change that broke most of the plugins, MPUK was kind enough to update most the plugins they host themselves heh

Strader: Bears/Horses are probably a client mod, and not a server mod.

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