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A: Drakkhen (SNES) full soundtrack remix.

Been looking at the Water Area theme for a while myself, but considering how obscure Drakkhen was, an entire album might be too optimistic.

That being said, with a quick search you can find

on the web, though I can't guarantee they'll suit your tastes.

Also, I've enjoyed its sequel (Super Drakkhen/Dragon View) a lot, so I might consider looking into it in the future. :)

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I can always get behind Drakkhen music. Although the SNES soundtrack is completely different from the original versions (There might even be more than just two versions as well). In most cases I think it's an improvement, but one version of Drakkhen had a really rad opening theme. I'd post a YT link but I can't find it anywhere there; I have it on my Hoot player.

If you've never heard any of the original Drakkhen songs you should definitely give them a listen: http://snesmusic.org/hoot/v2/?system=PC-98&page=13 It's on that page, and you can get Hoot from that site as well.




Oh oh oh, I lied! I poked through youtube a little more and found it. :D

Too bad the game itself is actually pretty terrible. I love it regardless, but I can understand how most would play it for a minute then abandon it forever.
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I think the "Tavern" tune from Drakkhen would make for a good remix:

It stands out to me because you were ordinarily met with really creepy music upon entering a house, but once I'd discovered this jovial place with the uncharacteristically happy tune I went back countless times on moneymaking runs between it and (I think) Hordkhen's castle. "Here, wandering merchant; I've taken more greaves."

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