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OCR01277 - Earthworm Jim 2 "Invertebrate Retreat"


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It's easy to be distracted by the varied styles of vocals present in this mix, but I think it's strength lies in the attention to what's beneath them. I do see this as a integration of hip-hop into a rock, with equal attention to each side of the spectrum, but I have to say that the rock element comes through clearer and much more enjoyable than the rest. Guitar work is right on the money, and carries with it as much musicality as it needs to, plus more. It truly does this mix a lot of favours.

Daniel's voice never underperforms in my opinion, and for what it is, it does a pretty decent job expressing the lyrics with aplomb. I get a warmer, less angsty Trent Reznor vibe from both the vocals and the music in this one, intentional or not. I certainly don't consider it a bad thing to be compared to. zyko's rapping was arguably pointless, but added some body to the piece nonetheless. While it's not my thing and didn't exactly mesh with the rest of the product, it's competent enough and I'm sure it would have met more success in its own mix. As it is, it's not a deal-breaker, but it's not the direction I would have gone in. Then again, what the hell do I know?

Not a perfect collab, but a pretty interesting one. Vocal mixes generally tend to be more historic and make a bigger impact than instrumental ones, and I have no problem in this recieving the attention it has mustered in and outside the OCR community. There's enough talent in it to deserve it.

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Hard to believe such a soulful song come from Earthworm Jim 2 of all places. To honest I thought I wouldn't like this at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by both Danny's voice and Zyko's rap.

Danny's voice was superb. Some of zyko's line a little sloppy at first, but still excellent none the less. Vig's solo at the end really tied this all together.

All in all, a top notch collab from three great ReMixers.

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Can you guys post the complete lyrics to this? I'll give you a cookie! :3

they're available on the remix details page under the lyrics tab but here you go, anyway :

danny B:

One more time, I find myself

Up to my neck, buried in silt.

Too many times, the world requests

that I relieve them all from distress.

Doesn't anybody see my corporeal state?

I've got no reason, to save anybody but me

Once again. Here I am.

I don't give a damn. My strength's all I am.

And now that hell is at its worst,

I've got no choice left but leaving your dead corpse.

No kind of weapon, no kind of plea,

not even substance abuse can bother me.

Suppose that I did it, imagine my feat.

Victory reached, but still evil replete.

And I would be anything but discrete -

My invertebrate retreat.


My invertebrate retreat repeats until it's murderous.

My raptastic, elastic journey into wordiness

is ferverous, but I can't bear to say a word of this

or my surliness will be hurtin' a lack of finesse.

I confess, I've been susceptible to duress.

I contest, I have long bested the fuckin' rest,

but I'm still chest-deep in a test,

and in that sense, I've willed myself into cardiac arrest.

The fate that's been given me - I abhor.

The faith that's long lost now grows in your very core.

So consider me a forlorn form of apocalypse,

and in defense I'll bury every single metropolis.

With anonymous heroics, the world's no longer operant.

Bitch, there ain't no stoppin' this like I'm a form of Optimus Prime,

it's time I lit the bomb and started droppin' this.

Crash course in taxonomics on your false promises.

danny B:

And now I'm gone and forgotten,

Everything inside me pushes me to realize.

I never was anything but a slave to circumstance and bad fortune,

It's time to decide.

Return to forbearance?

A cycle complete.

Your invertebrate retreat.


now about that cookie... :)

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Wow! That's the only thing that comes to my mind after hearing this. Those vocals sold this ReMix and I can just imagine hearing this anywhere. Nice mix of rock and rap. I'm definitely impressed by this one and I enjoy the ReMix of the song itself. One of the best vocal mixes I've heard on the site so far. As the cows would say, "Well done".

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01277 - Earthworm Jim 2 "Invertebrate Retreat"

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