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OCR01277 - Earthworm Jim 2 "Invertebrate Retreat"


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Your production "Invertebrate Retreat" really made me think about Bren McGuire, better known as Turrican. Given as many times as he's had to save the world from The Machine, the song really sticks to him. Would you be able to write a ballad for him?

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Awesome that this remix got featured on the new Game Music Central debut CD.


Interesting, however, that the mix is credited to Tommy Tallarico himself, when every other remix on the album is credited to someone who *isn't* the original composer, i.e. the actual arranger. It seems odd, especially with the fact that Tallarico himself seems to be spearheading this new site & album.

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I am really impressed with the quality of production on this track. So much so that while this is not my favorite type of music, I like this song quite a bit nonetheless. It's laidback and groovy and very airy in a gritty say. It's hard to describe what I think about the vocalist, so I'll say his voice has character and presence, and its uniqueness matches the uniqueness of the song.

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It's amazing.

The vocals are just dead on, and the rapping is so awesomely chill. There's really not a whole lot I can say about this mix. If you haven't heard it already, you are seriously missing OUT.

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I know I've already made a comment on this song. But when I compare this to mainstream music - EVEN without knowing the original source tune to have any form of nastalgia - this song is far better than what we hear nowadays. If this got introduced to a radio station (that has taste), it'd be on the #1 hit list for a long time. THIS is one of the songs that I will request to have played for my funeral hopefully 55 years from now lol. Good job OCR, Daniel and whoever else collabbed to make this song :D

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Hey does anyone have the lyrics to the rapping section? Out of curiosity?

I came here exactly for that reason. I liked the rap section, because it brings out a distinct duality: hopelessness and aggression (both especially in regards to Fate). But hey, I read way too much into things.

Let me try my best at transcribing the entire lyrics, everyone feel free to correct me, because I can't be completely right (especially in the rap):

One more time I find myself,

Up to my neck buried in silt.

Too many times the world requests,

That I relieve them all from distress!

Doesn't anybody see- in my corporeal state-

I've got no reason to save anybody but me?

Once again, here I am. I don't give a damn.

My strengths all I am.

And now that Hell is at it's worst,

I've got no choice left, but leaving your dead corpse.

No kind of weapon- no kind of plea-

Not even substance abuse can bother me! (Oh no)

Suppose that I did it- imagine my feet.

Victory reached- still evil replete!

I would be anything but discrete.. (anything but discrete..)

My Invertebrate Retreat.. (My Invertebrate Retreat..)


My Invertebrate Retreat repeats until it's murderous.

My (raptistic?) (??) journey into (burliness?)

(??). But I can't bear to say a word of this,

So my surliness will be hurtin' a lack of finesse.

I confess- I've been susceptible to duress.

I contest- I have long bested the f'n rest.

But I'm still chest deep in a test,

And in that sense, I've willed myself in cardiac arrest.

The fame that has been given (to) me- I abhor.

The fame was long lost, now (calls my very core?) OR (calls me bearing ??)

So consider me a (formal) form of Apocalypse,

And in defense I'll bury every single Metropolis.

With anonymous heroics, the world's no longer (operate).

B**** there ain't no stopping this- like I'm a former optimist.

(At prime?) it's time I lit the bomb and started droppin' it.

Crash course in sex, (all of this?) on your false promises.


And now I'm gone and forgotten.

Everything inside me pushes to realize:

I never was anything but a slave,

To circumstance and bad fortune. It's time to decide.

Return to forbearance- a cycle complete-

Your Invertebrate Retreat.

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Weed would be the final authority, of course, but:

"...my raptastic, elastic journey into wordiness/is fervorous..."

"...The fate was long-lost now grows in my very core..."

"...forlorn form of apocalypse..."

"...world's no longer operant/bitch there ain't no stoppin' this like I'm a form of optimus/prime, it's time I lit the bomb and started droppin' this crash course in taxonomics on your false promises."

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Weed would be the final authority, of course, but:

my invertebrate retreat repeats until it's murderous

my raptastic elastic journey into wordiness

is ferverous but i can't bear to say a word of this

or my surliness will be hurtin a lack of finesse

i confess, i've been susceptible to duress

i contest, i have long bested the fuckin rest

but i'm still chest-deep in a test

and in that sense i've willed myself into cardiac arrest

the fate that's been given me - i abhor

the faith thats long lost now grows in your very core.

so consider me a forlorn form of apocalypse

and in defense I'll bury every single metropolis

with anonymous heroics, the world's no longer operant,

bitch there aint no stoppin' this like i'm a form of optimus prime,

it's time i lit the bomb and started droppin this

crashcourse in taxonomis on your false promises

here are the official lyrics

vig had it dead on :)

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You guys should become the next Three Stooges. More eye poking plz.

You guys get a 9/10 for one of the best mixes I've heard on the site. Dan's voice is great, the rapping I actually enjoyed for the most part(And I NEVER listen to rap), and the excellent guitar work. A few parts sounded very slightly off, but you guys should definitely collab again to transcend even this piece.

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I found this song through a post by someone else on the forum. I don't know where I saw it, but the person said that they listened to this song once a day, and it refreshed them when they heard it. So with that, I was curious, so I downloaded this song.

This song is just a masterpiece, the lyrics by Daniel are powerful, and somewhat soothing. I also liked the rapping bit, it gave the song a little bit of a break to focus on something else, then brought back Daniel at the end to finish it up. I'm no good at reviews, but I had to say something, I loved this song immensely, and who ever it was that posted that message, thanks!

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Good God, I'm blown away. Absolutely drop-dead amazing collaboration.

I've unknowingly listened to Dan's vocal work before, but I never associated his name to tracks like "Knuckleduster" before. However, when I first listened to this tune I immediately recognized his excellent vocals.

Zyko's rapping started off a little awkward in the first few lines, but I think it worked out as the delivery speed picked up just a little bit. Parts of it reminded me of Sage Francis' style, which works well with Zyko's voice IMO. Even if you're not a fan of zyko's rapping, you've gotta give him credit for being such an experimental artist that's willing to go to a lot of different places with his skill.

Great lyrics all around, as well. That's one problem I've had with a handful of fan-made vocal mixes - the lyrics are quite often extremely lame. Didn't have that problem here.

Vig guitar is great. That's pretty much to be expected. I'd love to have a twin-guitar breakdown at the end with zkyo also chipping in with his signature shredding style, but oh well.

One of the best vocal mixes on the site, I can't believe I missed out on this one until now.

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This is what my professor from class had to say about this sound track:

"I like this sound track personally not because it's easy to listen, but it coexists the rock & hip-hop universal bond come together into one amazing sound track and lyrics all together."

I'd have to say, I'm not into lyrics in OC selections but this is eye candy to any listner on here. Not only I have used this for music class (Humaties college class), but also my professor enjoyed hearing this and my one page essay about this.

A + must listen. Proud to have found this and given my feed back and used in class for homework:puppyeyes:

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01277 - Earthworm Jim 2 "Invertebrate Retreat"

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