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♫ Greatest Video Game Music Performances on YouTube ♫


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This has bias written all over it.

Where's Cheetahmen II?

biased request?:nicework:

Those facials were pretty intense.

In regards to the list I think this guy is worthy of being added:


meh, this does seem like a biased list since most of these greatest performances seem to be centered around FF and Mario (which I expected).

beatbox dude, short but sweet:

and a "heck yeah" for having The OneUps on that list!:!:

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added a trance version of cheetahmen the one at the rave thing.

don't know where to find Music of My Groin or bad tuna.

added clash on the big bridge.

added ocinara of tetris. haha. :D ill put it at the end of the playlist with the other amusing ones.

added street fighter beatbox. haha! that's brilliant. :dstrbd:

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