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I'm wondering, what about THIS source (

Probably the most minimal source ever, and since I'm sorta interested in avant-garde music like some of John Cage's stuff ( 4'33" comes to mind, as well as a bunch of others, definitely not that one though ), I'm wondering...would it work if done well?

It's been bugging me lately and I'm trying to figure out how it could work.


This is, like, the soundtrack to my, like, January 2011. Honestly. I'd make out to this if I were you and think of me.

This is good advice.

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So. I download this thing. And the first 10 seconds starts playing automatically on loop. I can't figure out what it is. Its not itunes. Its not quicktime. Its not the internet. Its not spotify. took me ten minutes to turn the fucking music off, by nearly demolishing my computer by hitting it again and agian... and then just turning it off. Silence has never sounded so good. it is now its ingrained in my being, like some sort of morse code that says "imma switch off ur fuckin BRAIN"

Also confirms this quote:

[8:05 PM] willrock: protos titles are longer than his remixes

If tl:dr - FuCK U pROto. FUcK u To HeLL

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