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Sony "Next Generation Portable" (NGP) (Codename)

Crowbar Man

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The new Sony handheld, currently codenamed "Next Genearation Portable" is being shown off at the Sony press conference right now



Quad Core Cortex A9 ARM CPU

PowerVR SGXMP (Quad Core GPU)

5 Inch OLED 960 x 544 display

2 Analog "Micro Sticks"

Touch Screen

Toucn Panel (Rear)

3 Axis Compass

6 Axis Motion Sensor

Front & Rear Cameras


3G Data Access (in Japan at least)

Wifi (b/g/n)


Stereo Speakers


Game "Media" Options:

Flash Carts (look almost exactly like DS carts)

Playstation Store

Playstation Suite


They didn't flat out say it, but considering their newfound Android support, I'd say "NGP" runs on a heavily modified version of Android. More than likely, no Market access, instead replaced with PlayStation Suite

Software Features:

LiveArena Lobby System for multiplayer

Location Based gaming & LiveArena to see whos playing what around you

Augmented Reality gaming


Backwards Compat:

None, just like Go. No UMD. Rebuy your old games on PlayStation Suite if they release them :/ I assume if you bought games for Go on PlayStation Store you'll be okay but no confirmation

PlayStation Suite:

Previously announced was PlayStation Suite, a cross platform store for games, which will be supported on "approved" Android smartphone and tablet devices. "NGP" will also be able to buy games from PlayStation Suite

PS1 and PSP games will be offered on PlayStation Suite


Apparently sub PS3 but not by a vastly large margin, better than 3DS but sans the 3D vision. Apparently porting PS3 games over to "NGP" takes very little effort

Battery Life

Estimated to be around the same as the original PSP (3-5 Hours), but probably more towards the 5 hr mark due to no UMD battery draining.




"Holiday" 2011




(I'll be updating this)

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ugh 3ds and now this? I liked those few years I could concentrate on buying games for once. I'm sure there will be things to dislike about it, but it looks very, very sexy. And if it runs off carts they've already eliminated my #1 complaint about the PSP.

Definitely looking forward to this and retiring my old PSP finally. It's time to move on.

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Touch screen... and a touch pad. Camera facing both front and back. Square-ish flash cards. Tilt sensor.

How is this not a copy of the 3DS again? :roll:

I get that you do what works, even if the other guy did it first. This may have been in the works for some time, but come on, the comparisons, especially so soon after the 3DS press events, are going to be made. They share a lot of similar components.

Let's hear some prices and battery life estimates! If either or both aren't as good or better than the 3DS, this is going to be a rough couple of years for portable gaming.

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PSP Boards, then and now.

2004: The DS has a fucking touch screen. It's nothing more than a gimmick. All it does is take attention away from regular games and forces developers to use it, which will result in shitty games. Watch all DS games be touch screen-based and it will flop.

2011: The NGP/PSP2 touch screen will offer developers ways to be more creative and try new game ideas out. We'll see awesome new games with awesome controls and who knows what else! This is the future! This is the year Sony takes back the portable market (that they never had the lead of in the first place)!

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3DS has its 3D display as its selling point. Tech wise its a bit antiquated but it gets its job done, similar to the DS strategy. But its not even up to par with some major graphical features (Doesn't support OpenGLES 2.0+ like every mobile phone on the market since iPhone 3GS), so thats going to hold it back a bit. Sony is taking the bleeding edge advanced tech route again, only combined it with hopping on the Mobile/Casual market craze instead of solely aiming at hardcore gaming like the PSP. Also not going with the silly disc based media which is the #1 cause of most of PSP's problems.

Its will be definately some close competition. 3DS has a head start and a larger audience and a new gimmick, but we shall see. Sony has pretty much every angle covered FAR better, minus 3D display. And maybe Price, we'll see

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Both portables have the same damn "gimmicks" in them now, just with slightly different names. Even tablets and phones, like Android and iPhone/iPad have the same stuff in them. They're all touch screen based, they all have tilt sensing this, downloadable that... There are Android tablets in Asia with the same 3D screen tech as the 3DS, and they've been out for month or so already.

I'm starting to think this is the point at which we'll see the least difference between the various systems. They're all starting to look and act the same.

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Well, theres a good reason Sony is pushing supporting the Android Smartphone/Tablet market with PlayStation Suite (available to approved Android devices). It makes more sense to spread themselves across multiple platforms and reap the benefits of all this similar tech.

By this holiday season, quad core cpus in mobile devices will probably be on the market. Its already on the roadmap for Tegra

I would not be suprised to see PlayStation Suite games support 3D display on 3D Android Smartphones

Nintendo on the other hand, might be in a bit of trouble since they are set in their old fashioned ways. Especially if Sony decides to add 3D display at the last moment, or a "NGP" refresh with 3D support down the road

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I'm actually quite interested in the price of the device. Sony isn't exactly new to making new, gorgeous, fully featured hardware and charging an arm and a leg for it at first. The PS3 was a prime example of this and the PSP, at launch, was as well.

I think the 3DS is likely much cheaper to produce than the NGP and not only nets them a ton of profit at the established price, but could also do so at $50 or $100 dollars cheaper should Nintendo feel the need.

Going to be an interesting holiday for portables. I'm very curious to see the new 3DS games at E3 this year, as well as the potential launch lineup and price of the NGP. For all those features, anything less than $250 would be insane. And I think with limited supplies they could easily charge $300 to $350 and get away with it during the holiday season (they were sold out of their $600 PS3's for months after launch).

It's like history is repeating itself all over again...

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It's like history is repeating itself all over again...

And that's what Sony is counting on. A few months after launch, the price is probably gonna drop, and that's what I'm counting on.

I'm gonna wait it out and see what kind games come out, and what bugs, if any, are found on those systems. At least by then, I will know what I'm getting myself into.

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@ 3:15

Wow, really? THAT'S what the touch panel is going to be used for? Yeah. Giving my PSP2 a sensual massage makes me feel like i'm really in the game. I mean really? and people say Nintendo is gimmicky.

The chances of me dropping it while doing all of that bullshit is very high. I would probable need a damn wrist strap or something.I would rather have a console that I can just use "two hands" to hold on to and play at the same time.

Next, they'll have a game that I can control with my eyeballs. Better yet, maybe a M rated game the I can control with my penis. What ever happened to good old buttons?

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