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Remix titles that make you LOL


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I've been going through my remix stash the last couple evenings while I browse and what have you, because I'm at a friends house and he wanted to hear some cool remixes. So I'm just listening to old favorites and giving some I don't recognize immediately another listen - Giving my friend a little crash course one what OCR is about so to speak. He's diggin' what you guys do.

While I was doing this I couldn't help cracking a smile or giving a little chuckle on occasion at a few of the song titles that I saw. Some just because it's a funny title but others were amusing because of how they appeared in the folder with the name of the video game they are from in front of them and/or "OC_ReMix" after the title. I realize that those factors were likely taken into consideration by the remixers when they named them but still...

In any case, here's a few that amused me:

A Nightmare Before Kefka - Anyone who has played the game this is from needs no explanation why this wry title is amusing, Kefka is always amusing. If that isn't enough to convince you to smile on its own though, hearing the tune along with the title will.

Fury_of_the_Furries_FurryintheForest - Read it out loud slowly. ...Think you got it down? Ok, now say it five times fast.

What_Hath_Thou_Done_with_This_OC_Remix - Well!? What have you done with this OCRemix! I gotta admit, I'm kinda curious if this was done on purpose.

Tickle My Wily - Ohh, get your mind out of the gutter you pervert, it's only a name. I said nothing of the sort. This is good wholesome video game music and has nothing to do with debauchery.

I know there are many more. What remix titles (or song titles in general) strike your funny bone?

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