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OCR02230 - Final Fantasy V "A Healer's Touch"


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  • 7 months later...

I can feel for the writing intent here - nothing is more critical than knowing that you've come down weak, possibly with an illness so terminal that you may be left to die in due time if it can't be cured. It can apply really well towards terminal illness patients, and I can understand how your style managed to fit so well with the recent Songs for the Cure album set.

And Stevo's warm playing style worked really well with this transformation; the prelude section at the beginning, while a little indistinct and with thoughts that it could've been fleshed out a little bit, managed to set the tone well; and by the time "Dear Friends" came in with practically a straight interpretation give or take some nice variation in the acoustic melody performance within the last minute, it managed to give that feeling of hope towards it at the end. Shaun's mastering managed to give it a strong lease of warmth too, and with that kind of partnership working really well over the years we can see that he's got a keen eye on making these elements work.

To be fair though, I was kind of hoping for more - the track set the mood for the vision wonderfully well, but I wasn't really expecting it to end this quickly and abruptly. :? So it may have more of a meek interpretation, but that aside with such meaningful production values it can still be seen as a pretty piece of work from the SteShaun partnership. Let's not see it die down in 2012 :D

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Nice, somewhat somber opening with the Prelude theme over top of the guitar and bell. I actually thought this was pretty cool to lead in with right before the happier guitar playing moments later as a contrast, and the song just picks up from there. It's got a great peaceful feeling, like everything is gonna be okay. The arrangement is awesome and damn near perfect, and I think the production was rather clean, so really, amazing ReMix with no qualms from me.

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This is such a calm and serene mix. I love it.

The guitar was exactly what this mix needed as a backbone.

The "width" and spectrum of this mix is perfect. I love how much the guitar takes up.

The guitar tone is really glittery and sounds good with the leads AND the rhythms.

All the background pad work only adds to the softness of the track.

My only problem with this mix is that I wish it was longer. I've exhausted the replay value on it. Haha

Waiting for Water to come out was never so hard. But it's the prospect of more mixes like this that makes it bearable.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02230 - Final Fantasy V "A Healer's Touch"

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