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Pixel Perfect LP - free album by halc


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Hello again everyone!

I have just released my next original album, Pixel Perfect LP! At just over 20 minutes, it's technically not an 'LP' on it's own, but is an 8-track continuation of the EP that can also be enjoyed as a standalone album. Please check it out, and if you enjoy it, please spread the word! This means hitting the like button on the page, sharing to twitter, facebook, telling your friends.. whatever! Any publicity I can get is more than appreciated.

Download for free by clicking 'Buy Now' and entering 0. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go toward more free music; this means new software, gear, various things to help improve my craft. That stuff is expensive. :D

I've already got new stuff in the works, and for my next project I'm going to try and do something a little more focused in terms of style.

Anyway, please check out the album by clicking on the beautiful cover art by ProtoDome, and let me know what you think!

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This is usually the part where I congratulate Proto on the successful artwork release, but this is actually so damn good I'm not even going to do that. Definitely one of my favorite original albums by an OCRemixer to date, there's a lot of gems in here to say the least.

Congratulations you prolific bastard, don't ever stop doing this :-)

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Thanks for this, this is helpin me study for a test tomorrow Im really diggin the cover art.

Liked, and ill prob donate when Im done reading.

EDIT: not done reading but still listinin.. Man I really liked the ambiance (if thats the right word) of the last track)

and donated as well thanks again

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Hehehe yeah this album. What with Protodome's album released around the same time, I like to think of these albums as being two sides of the same coin, being roughly the same style, but this one is so much more weird and experimental. Gotta say, I think this is one solid fucking album, great job dude, a nice continuation of what the original pixel perfect started.

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