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Post your les paul day google tracks :O


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There's a rectangular record button making up part of the lowercase "g" in the Google guitar logo. Hit that, strum away, the hit it again and a URL appears. You can also use your typing keyboard to play.

Yeah, I can't see that. And they don't play when I click on the above links,either.

I think Firefox is being stupid about this.

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Haha! Best yet :D

Thanks {^^}.

So I was playing around with this a bit more and did some other themes. First, there's a permanent link to the Les Paul logo here:


Here's a couple I sort of worked out...

Zelda's Lullaby:


Time's Scar (sort of...):


Dyne's Melody (Lunar SSS):


Cosmo Canyon from FF7:


I started trying a few others, but the lack of accidentals was a bit limiting. KF

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