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League of Legends: I finally updated the player list in the OP!


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had my first no-death game on aram last night. started chalice, amp tome, and health pot on lux. at first the team was telling me to suicide, but after it was like 6-0-20 they started to get into it. most epic save was a combo of janna shield and ult when i was taking autoattack and poison damage from twitch - she ulted me with 2hp and 2 ticks of poison left to keep me alive =) i wound up going 11-0-34 with 8550 gold when the game ended. super fun!

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Being a tanky support is fun again. You can be stubborn as taric and make a difference instead of being a stunbot.

Also, speaking of Yasuo/Janna bot... WHY DOES NOBODY TAKE FIORA BOT? like seriously. It works. So well. I did it when she first came out and fiora/karma was the most devastating lane. Plus it's the only lane where you can use riposte effectively.

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