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League of Legends: I finally updated the player list in the OP!


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Of the last 4 duo queue games I've played, 4 of them had someone on my team went AFK or DCed. One game even had a "Diamond" swain support. He didn't seem to understand that although it's mighty tempting, trying to trade with a lane that can outright kill you is a bad idea. He also failed to realize that it was an even worse idea the second and third times.


Not all games are like this, but it's been a particularly aggravating series of games. Zircon had a similar streak before he hit Gold, so maybe I'm just close. :<

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Reminder! OCR Heroes - practice tonight at 9-9:30pm EST! All are invited to join in!

@Brushfire : If you want to do your live spectating you'll have a good chance tonight.

I am down guys, and that stream will be recorded hardcored!

Does we have an OCR Heroes Logo yet?

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Hey junglers, read this:


Or alternatively, the summary is as follows:

Assuming you have only single target damage in the jungle, you save a lot of health attacking the smaller critters first in golems, wraiths, and _especially_ wolves. The little guys do a lot of damage compared to their max HP, so you are always ahead to clear the small ones before the large jungle creep.

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I may be the world's worst Rumble, but how could you not love a mech-driving yordle?

Looks like we're getting Heimerdinger's VU tomorrow, with Rumble coming up next!


(For those unaware, Riot stated that Rumble's rig was so bad that he would not get a new skin until he got a Visual Update with a completely rebuilt rig.)

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In case you haven't seen them, the 4.4 patch notes!


I cannot think of any character that would bother picking up Lich Bane at this point, incidentally. Deathfire Grasp is now better in every conceviable instance, IMO -- even on LB heavy characters like TF and Fizz.

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I definitely disagree. Lich Bane was blatantly overpowered for a long time, even though no one noticed it. The .75 AP ratio made it better than Rabadon's on many champions.

Now it's still quite powerful in the right champions hands. It's still going to be core on TF, Fizz, Ezreal, etc. Not only is Lich Bane still potent with decent base AD values, Lich Bane core champs mostly got buffs to compensate the item nerf.

Now I might think twice before building it on mages like Vlad or Ahri, but it's still a ridiculous item that adds a significant AP ratio to your combo/rotation.

It's slightly weaker than before, but it's still the Hydra of AP.

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A lot of players were relying on the early Warding Totem to protect standard invade paths, which ended up preventing meaningful aggression. We like that invading can be a team strategy, so we're hoping this helps out. Plus, lowering the swap cooldown for trinkets should allow for more flexibility.

I really don't like the language they use in their patch notes. Saying stuff like "We hope" lends more credence to the thought that Riot has no idea what they are doing.

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