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OCR02254 - Kirby Super Star 'Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Clean Version)'

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I just love it. I'm a big Streetlight Mannifesto fan and so thats probably why I love this. Its also because the performances and arrangement are just perfect. So much energy and drive. The solos are spot on and this track really feels like the band were performing in the same room. The female vocals work so well too. Nothing at all to complain about, its just Ska-rific!

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I loved seeing this mix develop from its initial baby WIP form, and man this ended up grand. Not only does it sound jampacked due to the full fledged band, but it manages to keep all of those instruments well mixed (although a tad on the bassy side as mentioned earlier in the thread) & well satisfied by keeping it varied. The song itself is bouncy and fun as hell as Kirby songs should be in general.

Great introductory mix, and I hope the Plaid Muffins returns from their hiatus sometime soon!

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