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OCR02254 - Kirby Super Star "Ska Buffet (All You Can Eat: Clean Version)"


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oh! this is a very pleasant change of pace. i like kirby as much as the next guy, but this piece defines epicness in its own right and IMHO proudly stands for what a remix is all about.

perfectly executed in every way. kudos, hats off and many thx for sharing this with all of us for having a great listening experience!

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Luiza destroys those vocals. Exactly what a female punk vocalist should like (take note, Save Ferris). If this would have come out two years ago during my ska phase this would be my favorite ReMix on the site. The horns are of a higher than average calibre, providing more depth than just a simple hook. Plus, great source material. I'm frankly astonished this is the only ReMix on the site for that track.

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Simply Amazing!

I think this is the first ska remix I've ever heard, and as someone who grew up with ska music this is great!

Love the vocals, you nailed it Luiza.

Also, the brass players did an amazing job as well, very talented!

Also the @#$shot at the end literally made me bust out laughing.

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I still have the original wip. Wow you guys totally reworked this.

Gotta admit I'm not really into Ska, but damn that was good. It hasn't converted me, but those were some really solid vocals. Maybe that's just because I don't know what to compare them to, but as a not-ska fanatic I'm sold. That was really nice.

much better than everclear hangover if u no what i mean D;

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Wow, I'm in love with the Vocals (hope it's not illegal) this mix is so bada**. Loved everything about it, one of the rare remixes I have absolutely nothing I would change. The little end tidbit somehow sent me reeling WAY back to when I bought Kirby's Adventure for the NES at SEARS (I don't think they carry games anymore) DRAW!!! *BOOM*

I would pay to see this live, and be a roadie, sign me up haha.

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This buffet's been a long time coming...

A remix that packs a fierce punch with some great performances and tight mixing.

An unorthodox combination of talented individualities that is sure to leave you hungry for more. ;)

Congrats on the mix post guys & gals, and keep these delicious musical-muffins coming! :grin:

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Yummy Gummy Bear, this is so sandwichy! It sounds like everyone decided to divide tasks for preparing a delicious banquet. I can imagine the mixers running like crazy in the kitchen \@/

*bites* Hmm, it's nicely crispy! Just like, brass!

*chews* Yumm, maybe the seasoning's too mixed to appreciate each of them. I can definitely feel the spice, though.


Oh, and I laughed at the ending XD

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Holy... Hole!

I remember glancing at this a while back and knowing it was gonna be awesome. Just postied on Facebook for the band I'm in to hear and they loved it too.

This Tune, in it's Nightmare in Dreamland Guise is what kicked off my VGM obsession when I was 11 or so.

I cannot wait to hear more stuff from the plaid muffins. This is the best post EVER!

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Wow...this remix has completely transformed to a different beast since the last WIP I heard from years back. The most significant addition is obviously LuIzA doing vocals. Call me a LuIzA fanboy, but I'm glad you guys were able to convince her to do vocals because I've been wanting her to do more of this since her Metal Gear Mix for DoD (which should be posted here, dammit!). Very nice delivery on the most part. So punk rock. The fast parts of the vocal melody are sort of drowned out compared to the instrumentation, but it's listenable.

Of course, the mix itself is all sorts of awesome. Nice interpretation of a Kirby favorite. I like huge collabs like this. The last WIP had guitars overwhelming the trumpets and sax, but the final version it's more balanced.

Great stuff overall. Keep 'em coming!

EDIT: just to alert you guys on a small typo in the lyrics:

"I don't care if I'm to big to transport, roll me to the foods"

Should be "too big to transport".

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finally finally finallyfinallyfinally finally finally finally finally finally finallyfinallyfinally some real ska on ocr

love it.

Quoted for ever lovin' truth.

I've been waiting for this ever since I first saw this on the WIP boards, so you have absolutely NO idea how long I've been wanting to hear this!

To everyone involved: Keep on being awesome! :grin:

Oh those vocals, so amazing... <3

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I had a lot of behind-the-scenes access to the production of this song, and I can attest to the fact that every single person involved with the OverClocked Plaid Muffins poured their heart and soul into this remix. Absolutely stellar, and very exciting to hear some real GOOD ska on OCReMix. I've been looking forward to hearing LuIzA sing in a remix again for some time, and she knocked it out of the park here. MOAR VOX PLZ LU

All in all, a fantastic remix that is a prime example of what video game music arrangement is all about. Thank you Stevo, Luiza and Co. for what is unarguably one of the finest pieces to come out of anywhere in the VGM scene.

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