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GRMRB 2011 Exhibition Match

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Ok, I said that I din't really want to come back on my Flashing Sky mix, but I did something really quick in it. So I was wandering, If you guys think this version is better, considering I only remove my 2 track playing at the same time for most of the mix, and switch some stuff, only made the modification in like 5 minute, so I know their some place where the music is like cut and I also din't touch the instrument to fit them... like I said, its a quick test.


By the way, I din't start my Astro mix yet, din't really have time to do so but I have start to make some research to improve my skill's.

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Sorry I kinda vanished! I keep forgetting about this >_<

If I am permitted to do so, I would like to change my Robot Master to Jewel Man for the exhibition match. I didn't listen to as many Robot Masters as I should have before choosing Gravity Man and after I heard Jewel Man, I found myself with more ideas for him than Gravity Man.

If not, I'm still up for going into battle with Gravity Man.

EDIT: If anyone wants to challenge me, I will gladly accept right after PRC 202.

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Chroxic, I'll challenge ya whenever you're free (and have figured out which robot master you're choosing), just say when

Monday, September 12th, I will begin remixing Jewel Man vs. Drill Man. If, of course, that works with you. :)!!

Chernabogue, you can have Gravity Man for all I care :P I can't do shit with his theme right now Dx

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Awesome, any due date you wanna stick with? Or just around a certain number of weeks?

Knowing how *well* things went for me in the GRMRB when we had just a week, let's go with two weeks to start. September 26th before the end of the day. Since this is casual, we can always stretch it out if we need to.

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After the excitement of the Grand Robot Master Remix Battle 2011, some other musicians decided to form the GRMRB: Exhibition Matches, to create loads of MASSIVE BEATS, THUMPING BASSES, CRUNCHIN' GUITARS, AND OTHER SIMILAR EPIC SOUNDING INSTRUMENTS to hold us over until the next Mega Man Remix Battle!

Current News

Match #1, SilvernixSP vs. Geeky Stoner has finished! Check out the Match Index for the songs.


Zerothemaster vs. SilvernixSP (Search Man vs. Astro Man)

chroxic vs. zach72 (Jewel Man vs. Drill Man)


Match #1: SilvernixSP Vs. Geeky Stoner (Air Man Vs. Flash Man)

SilvernixSP Remix: Flashing Sky

Geeky Stoner Remix: Flares

Remixers who may be Challenged:

SilvernixSP (Astro Man) Taken, vs. Zerothemaster

Chernabogue (Crash Man)

Geeky Stoner (Flash Man)

Zerothemaster (Search Man) Taken, vs. SilvernixSP

SuperiorX (Quick Man)

chroxic (Jewel Man) Taken, vs. zach72

zach72 (Drill Man) Taken, vs. chroxic


How does it work?

You, the remixer, choose any Robot Master from Mega Man 1-6 (NES), Mega Man 7 (SNES), Mega Man 8 (PSX), Mega Man 9-10 (DLC), Mega Man and Bass (SNES/GBA), Mega Man Powered Up (PSP), or Mega Man II and V (GB). This does not need to be your only RM, you may change as much as you like.

Remixers will have an agreed on amount of time to write a "VS. Remix;" that is to say, a remix featuring the themes of their own Robot Master and their opponent's Robot Master.

We do not have a public voting period... yet.

So do I just pick a Robot Master? Is it first-come-first-served?

You may choose any RM from the previously listed games, and you can change in between matches.

When does it start?

When two remixers agree to start.

I'm not a remixer but I want to take part somehow. What can I do to help?

We need sigs and artwork and stuff, so if you're good with the Photoshops, that'd be a big help.

What about Mega Man X/Legends/Battle Network/Zero/ZX?

This tournament is limited to the the main Classic series games. :(

Can I be Dr. Wily/Dark Man/Dr. Cossack/Mr. X?

Those guys aren't Robot Masters, so no, sorry. No intro stages either.


That's what I've got for now. I edited Darke's original FAQ. I'm gonna discuss some ideas with Silvernix, should he ever appear. XD But here's a nice front page :D

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Eh, what the hell, since you guys added my name to this official looking list and all, I suppose I can make some time to participate. I have some ideas for a mix against Search Man, but I'll face whoever, whenever, so someone just let me know if you're up for the challenge. I plan on going at a rather leisurely rate though, so just don't expect anything from me too quickly.

And I'll go with Quick Man as my robot master.

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Thanks Zerothemaster, I was away, I just look up at the news, gonna upload the title pic tomorrow, I don't have time right now, but I'm still in, I din't forget you. I din't even finish listening to the great album of MM9 that just appear on OCRemix, and you guys forget about Concrete Man... Son, You disappointed me. Cya laters

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Ok, finally subbed my PRC 202 entry.

zach72, if you're still good with everything (choice of Robot Master, length of two weeks, etc), then our battle shall commence on Monday.

Awesome, let them fights begin

not cool. :|


I thought we had already decided on not voting in earlier posts :o

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