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OCR02292 - Mega Man 9 "Pitched in Suspense"

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Ahem.. This is the first time posting anything On Oc ReMix... bLiNd is my Hero!! >;D thought i should point that out here ;P The work he does is just so Bloody amazing.. N freaking Fantastic!! ( among other artist) being a fan of his sort of work/music/skills I get chills.. everything time I read/hear/listen to a new project he is working on.. lol.. I sound like a stalker.. I aint.. HONESTLY i'm not.. xD well I get a lil carried away at times.. ^__^ Haha PERFECT!! Mega Man shall n always will be my ALL TIME FAV GAMING EVER!! SO what if they made.. alot.. I still love em all! N shall never get tired of em!! well.. I can't wait to see ur next Remix! mEgA mAn Back n blue.. AWESOME!! <;D

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duuuuude.... it's always hard to find the right words to give props to remixes like this. but this pretty much sums it up nicely:

bLiNd is my Hero!! >;D thought i should point that out here ;P The work he does is just so Bloody amazing.. N freaking Fantastic!! being a fan of his sort of work/music/skills I get chills

man. don't know if it's intentional but i'm getting images of a rave scene at a club while listening to this and all the clicks and pops and gasps are from people popping open a few drinks, slamming their glasses on the table in sync to the beat, and saying "ah! that was good."

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A bit unnerving, but in a good way. I don't think I've ever heard vocal clicks percussion like that before, and it was pretty interesting. The bassline and sci-fi sounds were pretty cool and the entire ReMix had a great energy to it coming off those solid beats. Wasn't a fan of the sudden ending, but overall, pretty tight ReMix.

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I acknowledged this on a Follow Friday segment via my Twitter page upon the project's release; the original itself was nothing more than a simple repetitive cutscene cue, and to see bLiNd do THIS much with the source was what blew my mind a heck of a lot.

So to see it in a more elaborate stance, the programming variety towards the synths, from some subtle sidechaining on the bass and electronic percussion, the occasional master gate work in favor of some subtle ambience throughout various transitions, some envelope work towards the bass that gives the feel of a dubstep wobble without not actually being a dubstep bass, and some downright ridiculous gliding on the wet-to-dry melodic synth at 3:45 among other examples that I probably can't pinpoint right now have again shown bLiNd's strengths in the fields of production. And with most of the attention paid towards that simple progression and building upon it, we can say that he had a clear artistic vision towards handling the source material, and for Back In Blue, it can be seen as a huge surprise entry.

I have to admit though, the ending to me felt a bit weak with deciding to just bring down the melodic progression to what appears to be the start of a third riff that apparently never happened. But that can be the only real issue that I have with a track as mind-boggling as this, and if he's able to handle these shorter source tracks with that kind of feel, goodness knows how he'd handle other similar ones.

Again, nice going bLiNd, and we're hoping for more of you in 2012! :D

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This is another favorite from Jordan. He took a simple source and turned it into gritty, hard-hitting house mix, reminscent of his another masterpiece - "Vile Needs to Galvanize" - same dirty bass, which mostly shines at moments like at 1:06, but actually has some serious role throughout the whole track, heavy beat, tasty synths and etc. The usage of vocals is cool as well. This is one of those mixes that at first may seem to be repetitive, but then they literally absorb you and leave you wanting more. Awesome work!

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR02292 - Mega Man 9 "Pitched in Suspense"

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